Home Entertainment Kissing in ‘Pyaar Ki Choir’, real?

Kissing in ‘Pyaar Ki Choir’, real?

Kissing in 'Pyaar Ki Choir', real?

There were rumors going around for a long time, but not until this Wednesday afternoon Emilio Osorio and Karol Sevilla decided to formalize their relationship with the same message: “You made me love (in love)”.

One year after submitting your theme “Chorus of Love”, whose video clip seal with a kissIt seems that the chemistry they showed quickly turned into something more than a friendship between them.

through now instagram, both the actors decided to confirm their relationship with their followers. In a short clip for TikTok you can see Hero of “Soy Luna” walking alone, first son of Juan Osorio and Niurca Marcos Appeared in the box to give her a tender kiss.

This fact quickly became a trend and even comments of support for the couple began pouring in, as did their followers. they are both happy Finally admit that they have been sharing love information for a long time. In fact, they showed they were willing to waste honey by accepting their surnames for each other: “Checketo / A”.

Apparently, Karol Sevilla was the one who decided it was time to share the relationship, which she talked about in an interview a few days ago:

People know what they look for, I found a partner and a real person In which I trust and miss a lot, because we stopped talking for a long time…people will know what’s going on, What is known is not asked, “quoted the actress in an interview” Earth.