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King Carlos III sends his first message as king, after the death of his mother

  • King Carlos sends his first message after the death of his mother
  • The declaration has been spread on social networks
  • “It is the saddest moment for me and for my family members,” it reads

GOD SAVE THE KING. This afternoon, hard news was released that is marking history, Queen Elizabeth II has passed away. After 70 years of reign, the world will stop listening to “God Save the Queen” and now, they must pay homage to the new King of England, Carlos Felipe Arturo Jorge de Windsor, pronouncing “God Save the King.” As the first act, the King announced the first message from him.

It was during the morning of September 8, when the first news about a delicate health by Queen Elizabeth II was released. The Royal Palace confirmed the news that Queen Elizabeth II was under medical review and suspicions about a possible death began to increase as the royal family moved to Scotland; now, at 96 years of age, the death of the oldest monarch in history is confirmed.



After the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced, at the age of 96, it was pronounced that the new King of England is Carlos Felipe Arturo Jorge de Windsor. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh has been named the country’s new monarch and his wife, Camilla of Cornwall, has been declared the new Queen Consort.

Before the death of Queen Elizabeth II was made known, it was stated that her children traveled to Scotland, where she was at the time she began to show symptoms. Likewise, it was revealed that the crown prince to the throne, William of Cambridge, moved to Balmoral Castle to be next to his grandmother.

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