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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Kimbrely Flores is exhibited for taking the tip that Edwin Luna left in a taqueria

  • Kimberly Flores is attacked for what she did in a taqueria.
  • He takes the tip that Edwin Luna left on the table.
  • They call the singer’s wife stingy.

Kimberly Flores taqueria tip. One of the couples that usually focuses in the middle of the controversy is usually that of Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna, since neither of them escapes from the comments by Internet users for the smallest detail that they do in their daily life, something which was recently reflected by what the influencer did in a taqueria.

This is not the first time that Edwin Luna’s wife has received hundreds of criticisms through social networks, since the influencer has placed herself in public opinion on several occasions, either for the luxurious gifts to her daughter, for its appearance or as simple as the treatment of the Mexican regional singer.

Edwin Luna’s wife is placed in the eye of the hurricane

Kimberly Flores taqueria tip

When it comes to celebrities, social networks are filled with topics that generate thousands of comments about what happens in the daily life of stars, recently a photograph of one of the most sought-after actresses in the middle of the show began to circulate.

Social networks are already part of the daily life of many people, including celebrities, as it is a means by which celebrities can share everything that happens around them with those who follow their accounts. Several stars make use of them to share about what happens in their lives or through other people, such was the case of Kimberly Flores, who was exhibited by Internet users. Filed Under: Kimberly Flores taqueria tip.

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