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Kimberly Flores takes a tip that Edwin Luna left for a waiter and criticism rains down on her

Kimberly Flores, influencer and wife of the singer edwin moonis involved in controversy, because She was caught taking a tip from a waiter who served them in a restaurant. His action immediately gave what to talk about in social networks. It was criticized by Internet users, because they branded the former member of La Casa de los Famosos 1 as ‘stingy’. Here we tell you what happened.

It was through TikTok where a video was leaked in which Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna are seen leaving a restaurant after having a romantic dinner.

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everything was going in order. The regional Mexican singer paid the bill and left his tip on the table for the waiter who served them. However, the content creator and wife of Edwin Luna, Kimberly Flores went back to the table and took the money that was for the worker.

“You left all that as a tip,” says the Guatemalan.

“Yes, well, it was 10 percent,” replied the singer.


After the event, Kimberly Flores admitted that she brought the money and asked one of her companions to return it. However, despite everything, Internet users on social networks immediately reacted with multiple comments against him.

“Let him take it for the ticket, education is also measured when you leave a good tip”; “The tip was decided by Edwin and she should not have taken the money”; “The lady is very stingy”; “The saying goes well: you are born with class”; “I don’t want to imagine how she treats her workers”; “The more she has, the more she wants”; “Fine lady”, she reads among the reactions against her.


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