Kimberly Flores admits; he thought Edwin Luna was untrue (video)

MEXICO.- It’s no secret that the wedding of Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna is within the media particularly for the alleged infidelity of the mannequin Roberto Romano in “The House of the Famous”. Just lately it grew to become recognized that the chief of “Trakalosa de Monterrey” was the primary to have a “bad reputation”.

Throughout a video on YouTube, the couple made statements about their relationship and remembered how they met.

“You don’t know what level you were as an artist, because the band hasn’t been around in Guatemala for a long time, I didn’t know much about your music, I didn’t know much about your genre and even less about you, but they did Person I met was the one who called me a lot, attention, in you I met someone else, but in the end I had this fear of the artist who arrives, he wants to sleep with someone and he never remembers the person again and there are many who say they have one in every place and so it happened when I met you, ”he confessed Kimberly Flores.

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Although the connection between Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna is filled with ups and downs, they stick collectively. In the meantime, Roberto continues to guarantee Romano that he had a relationship with the Guatemalan.

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