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Kim Kardashian Reveals How Former Kanye West Helped Build Her Skincare Line

Personal feelings aside, Kim Kardashian and Kanye “Ye” West have a pretty solid business relationship, and she told the world about it.

The 41-year-old reality TV star took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday (the day she launched her new skin line, SKKN by KIM) and revealed how the Grammy-winning rapper was a huge help in the creative process, which led to the final product. For. While in her SKKN office, Kardashian shared how the SKKN by KIM packaging, name, font, and how she chose the color tone for the skin line that includes cleanser, toner, exfoliator, hyaluronic acid serum and eye cream.

Kardashian also shared “mood boards” and initial presentations the team offered during their original brainstorming sessions.

“And of course, my creative process wouldn’t be complete — and I always give credit where credit is due — without Kanye,” Kardashian said. “He brought his team and introduced me [creative director] willow [Perron] And we came up with the new name – that was really [Kanye’s] The idea—and the packaging shape—were his, and even the font he did, just like the skims.”

During a behind-the-scenes video, Kardashian revealed that some of the initial packaging was shot by herself.

“You guys should have seen the first set of packaging, and when I told you Kanye walked into the room and said ‘That’s not the point,'” she revealed. “And he was right. Packaging is definitely his thing. And when Willow and his team were able to figure out the whole sustainable part, we actually figured out a way to make it refillable, and I think just For our environment, it wasn’t even an option. That’s exactly what we were going to get.”

Kardashian also revealed that a YouTube video is coming soon, which will show SKKN being visited by KIM offices.

While West and Kardashian are still locked in a custody battle in the midst of their ongoing divorce, Kardashian has said that she is trying to “take the high road” when it comes to her ex. Case in point — Kardashian recently gave West a shout-out on Father’s Day, thanking her for “being the best dad to our kids.”

Earlier this month, a source told ET that while West was deeply upset to see Davidson spend time with her kids, Kardashian doesn’t think there’s “anything wrong” with it.

“He feels very hurt and has expressed his feelings to Kim,” the source said of West. “Kim doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with watching Pete’s kids do this and wants them all to do it.”

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