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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Visited Pete Davidson’s Grandparents on Secret Staten Island Trip

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The “King of Staten Island” star introduced his girlfriend to more members of his family when she recently went on a trip to New York.

Kim Kardashian keep seeing more Pete Davidson’s Family! The reality star was reportedly introduced saturday night live According to Funnyman’s grandparents in Staten Island, while he was in New York on a recent trip to New York tmz, Kim, 41, made a surprise visit to the 28-year-old comedian’s grandparents while they said hello while working on a film.

A source close to the couple said that Kim visited Pete on set for their latest film, and when he finished for the day, the pair were close to their grandparents’ home in Staten Island, and they popped Decided to do – for a trip. The couple spent some quality time with him, and this gave Kim the chance to officially meet the comic’s grandparents.

Kim and Pete go to Staten Island to see a movie together in December. (mediapunch/shutterstock)

Now that the pair have been together for a few months, it is no surprise that they are meeting their extended families. Kim visits Pete’s mom amy During a trip to Staten Island back in December. a source told hollywoodlife Especially when the two women hit it off, and Kim “laughed a lot,” but “they also had some intimate conversations.” He explained that, “He talked about Kim and Pete’s late father. Both of their fathers died in the month of September, two years apart from each other.”

Pete has also bonded with Kim’s fans. Comic befriends Kim’s sister Courtney’s the former Scott Disick, And he’s also become a “middleman” in helping the father of Kourtney’s three children start a “friendly” relationship with Kourtney’s fiancée. Travis Barker,

Kim and Pete arrive in LA together. (@celebcandidly/mega)

Even though Pete and Kim’s relationship is only a few months old, the pair have had pretty serious talks about their future. a source revealed hollywoodlife Notably that after Pete’s mom commented on a post about the pair possibly having children that it “opened the door for them to have a conversation about the topic” of the kids. “He touched on it before, but because there was some truth to his mother Amy’s comment, it sparked discussion. Pete wants to have a baby one day, and kim Has not ruled out the possibility of having more children.”

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Reference from hollywoodlife.com

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