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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

“KILLER” Mayeli Alonso makes a strong confession about Javier Ceriani and he defends himself

  • The influencer accuses the driver Javier Ceriani of the worst
  • He calls him a misogynist and also a ‘murderer’
  • Javier Ceriani does not sit idly by and answers him

Mayeli Alonso confession Javier Ceriani. Mayeli Alonso again entered into controversy, because he entered into conflict now not with Niurka, but rather he attacked the Argentine driver Javier Ceriani, from the “Gossip No Like” program. Lupillo Rivera’s ex gave a lot to talk about after the accusations she made against her.

Javier Ceriani is one of the drivers who has generated the most hatred due to the way he talks about celebrities, on many occasions he has already gotten into trouble. But now, the influencer and businesswoman is against him and accused him of very strong things, this is what he said…

Why is Mayeli against Ceriani?

Mayeli Alonso confession Javier Ceriani

In a recent live that the businesswoman did, who has a line of slimming products, accused the Argentine of being a “terrible person”. This is because, in several broadcasts of the program ‘Gossip No Like’, Ceriani has branded Mayeli as the worst and also has dragged her new boyfriend with her.

It should be noted that Ceriani was the one who uncovered that Mayeli’s new boyfriend supposedly owes a lot of money, and that he also owes support to his children, according to what Ceriani said in a program. These statements made Mayeli explode against her. Filed Under: Mayeli Alonso confession Javier Ceriani

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