Kiko Sibrian and Armando Manzanero, from conflict to friendship

Mexico City.- Kiko Sibrian and Armando Manzanero When they appeared on the album, they experienced conflicting relationships “Second romance” From Luis Miguelo. However, the musicians eventually overcame their differences and became good friends.

A day after the premiere of the sixth chapter of Sibrian remembers it this way “Luis Miguel, series”. In this episode, the hardships they went through were finally seen. 1993 And the principle of 1994; When they joined Juan Carlos Calderón De la Barca to prepare what will be the material for “El Sol”.

Not only were the Boleros, but also a song by Jose Alfredo Jimenez, “La Mediaulta”, and a version of the tango, “El Dia Que Me Quiero”; Something that was also seen in bioseries.

“Yes, At first there was a slight friction between Armando and me, but youWe became great friends And the touch was not personal. It was never personal, It was a musical opinion that if the album is called ‘Romance’ or ‘Second Romance’ then we can mount Romantic songs were not boleros“The producer explains.

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“Second romance” Del Sol was well received and became a best seller. Although he stopped working with him for some time, Sibian currently continues to play with Luis Miguel, whom he believes Best Singer. S

Discussion with Manzanero, who died in the past 28 December, remember:

“That was part of the discussion, that He wanted to stay, and with good reason, In Classic bolero Who did a great job in ‘Romance’ and what I proposed ‘Let’s record the most romantic songs’ Those who are present in Spanish and put them in this album, that if Mickey sings them we’ll be great, ” he shares.

“After that record, Armando and I make a super cute friendship, I have great admiration and respect for him but yes, the touch was more musical than anything, in fact yesterday (Sunday) that I watched the series I said ‘Yes, of course not, but that’s what happened, and who are you’ “. .

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