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Khloe Kardashian defends giving Tristan Thompson multiple chances: ‘I have no regrets’

Khloe Kardashian defends giving Tristan Thompson multiple chances: 'I have no regrets'

Khloe Kardashian doesn’t regret trying to make her relationship with Tristan Thompson work. at the end of the season kardashianTristan’s paternity scandal loomed large, and, despite the emotional toll that the strained relationship took, the Good American founder was still glad he gave it a shot after the NBA player’s first brush with infidelity.

In conversation with her sister, Kendall Jenner, Khloe revealed that she tried to keep the relationship going for the sake of her and Tristan’s 4-year-old daughter, True. However, the paternity scandal was the last straw.

“Sometimes you do stupid things for your kids, but at the same time you can’t be stupid for your kids for so long,” Khloe said. “I would say I’m really proud of how I tried out for True and the rest I am.”

Later, speaking to Kim Kardashian, Khloe said she has “no regrets” about trying to reconcile Tristan for True’s benefit.

Khloe said, “I don’t feel guilty. I believe in everyone’s second, third, fourth chance.” “… I want someone to give me the same grace that I am giving them.”

While Khloe assured her sister that she was “fine” in the wake of the scandal, it did not make public comments about her life and choices less damaging.

“Is this the most f**ked up thing that has to happen in public every f**king time in my life? Yep. Is it so f**ked up that society blames me or the women ? It’s disgusting and reprehensible these people talk about other people like this,” she said. “There is no empathy, no compassion, just no sense of humanity.”

That comment didn’t sit well with Kim, who in a confession lashed out at online trolls.

“You know what? All you f**king trolls on the internet who make Khloe feel like the biggest piece of s**t, I’ll find each and every one of you and don’t threaten you on TV, but This is wrong,” Kim said. “It’s so wrong, because you guys don’t understand, when you have kids, you’ll do anything to try and make it work.”

“I’m so proud of who Khloe is, she wanted to give their relationship a second chance even though he scolded her and felt embarrassed about it,” she said. “When the whole world is watching you, laughing at you, calling you every name in the book, do you know how hard it is? It’s 10 times harder to be in a situation than to quit.”

In a confession of her own, Khloe said of her relationship with Tristan: “It’s time to walk away, and I don’t feel guilty about it. I tried hard.”

At the end of the episode, Khloe told Kim that she had spoken to Tristan on the phone, but still had no hope that they would ever reconcile in the future.

“There’s not much to talk about in my opinion. I’m just like, ‘This is a joke. This is gross. This is a joke. It’s embarrassing. It’s disgusting. We’re all over,'” she said. Told. “I’m like, ‘I didn’t buy tickets to this f**king circus, but somehow I see all these clowns acting in front of me. I want a refund. Return to the sender. I don’t want to be on this show.’ Huh.’ Somehow the clowns keep coming back in this f**king clown car. No matter what he says, nothing’s going to answer me what I’m looking for or stop.”

“It’s very depressing. There are no blurred lines. Nothing is gray,” she said. “I’m grateful for the clarity. I kind of feel right, because I kept saying, ‘You guys, something’s not right here,’ and everyone kept saying, ‘No, it’s because you’re already too much. are damaged.'”

In a confession, Khloe said that her family, not a boy, is her spirit, at least for the time being.

“My family, every sibling, my mom, we’re each other’s partner. Without them, I don’t know how I’ll survive. It makes you feel like you can do anything, and no matter who you are.” Whatever situation you go through, you’re going to be fine,” she said. “One day, I’ll have the fairy tale I hope for.”

Khloe said, “I’m very disappointed when it comes to Tristan. I just want to protect myself.” “You can’t make people right by yourself. But you have the power to decide when you won’t let people do wrong to you. Enough is enough.”

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