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Kevin Johansen presented a documentary with all the backstage of his new album recorded with celebrities

In mid-May of this year, Kevin Johansen released his album I hadwith their own versions and those of others along with guests such as Jorge Drexler, Natalia Lafourcade, Rubén Rada, Juan Campodónico, Javier Casalla, former Talking Heads David Byrne and Wiranda Johansen, one of his daughters, among others.

Now, to show behind the scenes of the recording, he has just introduced Nothing is forever (Except this love), a documentary that accompanies Kevin Johansen from the intimacy of his home to the creative process of the recording studio.

The cover of Kevin Johansen's documentary.

The cover of Kevin Johansen’s documentary.

Together with the producer Juan Campodónico and a large cast of colleagues, guests and family, they go through studios, houses and stages that form the “making of” of such an original studio album.

Black and white archive images take us into the intimacy of the life and work of the renowned composer, all filmed by Wiranda Johansen and Bruno Adamovsky.

Kevin Johansen in 1968.

Kevin Johansen in 1968.

According to her own Wiranda: “The camera as a magnifying glass that approaches the intimacy of the common. My dad’s record, and the process of putting together a record. The fusion of simplicity and complexity, its structure within chaos. The songs that appear as the order of his nature, as the channel of his emotions, of what he thinks, and of his history. It is the great way he found to communicate with his children, with the world and with himself. ”

the current tour

This new work (the tenth of his career) comes with a great tour, which has already crossed Spain and had a stop at the Jazz Café in the city of London.

Kevin Johansen live.

Kevin Johansen live.

Then he will be presenting it live on August 26 in Córdoba and the next day in Rosario. On September 1 he will do so in Santiago de Chile and on the 9th of that month in Mendoza, to finally disembark the September 24 at the Gran Rex Theater from Buenos Aires.

The duets in “Tú Ve”

The cover of "Tú Ve", by Kevin Johansen.

The cover of “Tú Ve”, by Kevin Johansen.

Kevin Johansen’s new album is made up of songs like I had (of something beats2019) together with the Mexican Natalia Lafourcade, an English version of Last night I dreamed of you (of Logo2007), in a duet with David Byrne, and Since I lost you (of CityZen2004) in collaboration with Silvia Pérez Cruz.

David Byrne with Kevin Johansen.

David Byrne with Kevin Johansen.

In addition, Kevin was encouraged to interpret A Little Respect by Erasure, The Albertio by Violeta Parra Suzanne by Leonard Cohen, together with Jorge Drexler, Heaven by Talking Heads, prayer to time by Caetano Veloso 16 tons by Merle Travis, and Perfect Day by Lou Reed.

Jorge Drexler in full recording with Kevin Johansen.

Jorge Drexler in full recording with Kevin Johansen.

This album is a sincere and complete reflection of the “Kevin universe”, where collaborations are perceived as games and meetings between friends and colleagues. Although he goes from one style to another, or even from one language to another, his unique and personal voice remains constant.

The production was in charge of the multi-awarded Uruguayan Juan Campodónico (Bajofondo, Jorge Drexler, El Cuarteto de Nos), with co-production by the Argentine Diego Mema.

The list of musicians who accompanied him includes Campodónico himself on electric guitar, keyboards and programming, Wiranda Johansen on vocals and choirs, Rubén Rada and Nicolás Arnicho on percussion, Diego Mema and José Miguel Carmona on guitars, Pablo Bonilla on keyboards, Luciano Supervielle on piano, Javier Casalla and Julio Domínguez on violins, Javier Portero on viola, Karmen Rencar on cello, Javier Colina on double bass, and Roberto Rodino on drums. A

Also, Kevin took over some guitars, percussion and backing vocals.


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