Home Entertainment Kevin Feige on Hiring ‘Hawkeye’ for Christmas and the MCU’s Future (Exclusive)

Kevin Feige on Hiring ‘Hawkeye’ for Christmas and the MCU’s Future (Exclusive)

Kevin Feige on Hiring 'Hawkeye' for Christmas and the MCU's Future (Exclusive)

before Hawk EyeOn the Thanksgiving premiere, Kevin Feige spoke to ET about closing the newest Marvel spin-off for Christmas and what’s in store for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially as it rounds off a year of the Disney + series.

When it comes to attitudes Hawk Eye during the vacation – as follows former Avenger Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), whose well-deserved family time is disrupted when he is forced to team up with aspiring 22-year-old superhero Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) to uncover a criminal conspiracy – – Feige told ET during the show’s premiere in Los Angeles, “We’ve always wanted to do this.”

While Iron man 3 takes place around Christmas, it came out in the summer and is generally not considered “our Christmas movie” while “this is blatantly a Christmas story,” said Feige.

Earlier this week, during a press conference with reporters, the Marvel boss stated that the hiring “was also based on early discussions about closing a series for a limited time. It’s not exactly real-time, but it’s essentially a six-day period. ”So the show is about whether Clint can get home in time to see his wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) and children For Christmas to see “what a fun breath of fresh air was after the doomsday and the celestials erupted”. of planets, ”he continued.

When ET asked the cast about the hiring Hawk Eye During the vacation, everyone agreed it was the perfect time, especially for a series set in New York City. “There’s nothing like Christmas in New York,” said Vera Farmiga, who plays Kate’s mother, Eleanor Bishop. “There is nothing more decorative, festive, fun-loving … It’s a feeling that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Tony Dalton, who plays Jack Duquesne, added that this could easily be incorporated into the Christmas canon and “could become one of those shows that people will see over the holidays. It’s like another character in the story … it makes it even more interesting. ”

Also repeat Fig’s point of view Hawk Eye Since it’s “a family-based story,” Renner himself said that “it makes it a lot more family-friendly because Clint is a great family guy … It’s a wonderful contagion to poke this thing up.”

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Given the reactions to the series so far, it’s no surprise that Feige is considering hiring more of the MCU for the holidays. “I’ve always loved movies or shows or specials that happen over the Christmas period. I think there can be inherently increased levels of emotion and conflict, ”he explained, adding that during this time he was“ always looking for opportunities ”to tell more stories.

There are also the coming ones The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special, written and directed by James Gunn and with much of the core cast of the film series. The special, which is slated to appear on Disney + in December 2022, “has been in the works for literally four years,” noted Feige. “Of course they are very different, but I love this time of year simply because of the opportunities to tell stories.”

“Go over, Hallmark. Marvel is here, ”Dalton joked about the future of the MCU.

Beyond the MCU vacation-themed stories, there’s a lot to expect, especially when it comes to the many series that are set to premiere on Disney + over the next few years. Confirmed animation and live action titles include a echo Spin-off that will follow Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), who will be featured on-screen first Hawk Eye.

“We’ll see Maya Lopez transition from the end of this series to this series,” said Feige, adding that Cox “is stunning. It will be fun to see the audience discover Maya as the series progresses. ”

When I think about the first year of the MCU series on Disney + that included WandaVision, The falcon and the winter soldier, Loki and What ifFeige said that “the reception of each and every one of them was the most enjoyable because we always wanted them to be different.” And being on the streaming platform specifically has enabled them to “take this even further than we’d dreamed of,” noting that while every project is designed to fit together, “they are too so different from each other. The MCU is kind of an all-encompassing genre. ”

“The audience responded the way we wanted because they don’t seem to have an abundance of them,” continued Feige, adding that these projects would be nothing without the “amazing casts” they’ve been able to bring together over the years. “It means a lot when people sign up and it means a lot when it gets really good.”

Hawk Eye Two episodes premiered on Wednesday November 24th on Disney +.

–Additional reporting from Denny Directo and Matt Cohen


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