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Kevin Bacon returns to his horror roots in LGBTQ slasher ‘They/Them’

Kevin Bacon returns to his horror roots in LGBTQ slasher 'They/Them'

The queer horror film also starring Anna Chlumsky and Carrie Preston will premiere on Peacock in August.

After more than 40 years of acting in Friday the 13Kevin Bacon is returning to his horror roots in an LGBTQ+ horror film they themPeacock is coming in August. In the first official appearance of the Blumhouse project, pronounced “they-slash-dum”, the 63-year-old actor plays the director of a gay conversion camp where several queer and trans campers have been forced into a week of programming. LGBTQ youth work together to protect themselves from a mysterious killer, which gets even more disturbing.

In addition to Bacon (he/her) playing Owen Whistler, the film stars Anna Chlumsky (he/her) as camp physician Molly and Carrie Preston (he/her) as licensed therapist Cora Whistler. , while the campers include Theo Germain (he/him) as Jordan, Austin Kraut (he/her) as Toby, Monique Kim (he/her) as Veronica, Anna Lorre (he/her) as Kim In, Cooper Koch (he/she) as Stu and Darwin Del Fabro (he/she/her) as Gabriel.

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,they them I’ve been sprouting within me throughout my life,” writer and director John Logan said of the film. “I’ve loved horror movies for as long as I can remember, I guess because monsters represent ‘the other. And as a gay kid I felt a powerful sense of kinship with characters who were alienated, outlawed or banned.”

The Oscar-nominated screenwriter said, “I wanted to make a film that celebrated queerness, with characters I never saw growing up. When people walk away from the film, I hope that They are going to remember the incredible love that these children have for each other and how that love should be preserved and celebrated.”

they them This comes in the wake of a growing number of LGBTQ-themed and queer-friendly horror projects, including Netflix’s breakout film trilogy, fear streetrecent installments of American Horror Story And american horror storiesnew Chucky series, and scream 5Which introduced the first queer character in the franchise.

they them Premieres Friday, August 5 on Peacock.

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