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Kenneth Branagh refused to film new scenes for the series in which he plays Boris Johnson

the miniseries This England, in which Kenneth Branagh plays Boris Johnson, is in full post-production. With the recent resignation of the former British Prime Minister, This Thursday, it was speculated that new scenes were added to reflect that outcome. But, according to the site Varietythat will not happen for now.

The fiction, headed by the actor and director, focuses mainly on the first wave of covid-19 in the United Kingdom during which, Johnson was hospitalized.

Neither parties nor resignation

Kenneth Branagh, the actor plays Boris Johnson in the miniseries "This Island", still unreleased.  Reuters photo

Kenneth Branagh, the actor plays Boris Johnson in the miniseries “This Island”, still unreleased. Reuters photo

Apparently, according to sources, the scandals in which the premier was involved will be left out of the miniseriesand that they met this year, about the parties and meetings he held while the rest of the country was under quarantine.

In the series, which arouses great expectations in Great Britain, there will also be no scenes referring to the last 48 hours of chaos for the UK government, which culminated in Johnson’s resignation.

the former premier resigned on Thursday July 7 at the last minuteas prime minister after a revolt within his conservative government that led to more than 50 resignations of different ministers and cabinet members, in less than two days.

Branagh’s decision

according to appointment Variety, the decision has to do with focusing only on the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, when Johnson, eight months after assuming his leadership, had to face a difficult moment of health during which he had to be hospitalized due to covid.

The drama, directed by Michael Winterbottom, is currently in post-production. Although it does not yet have an air date, the idea is to air it before the end of the yearwhich means that there will probably be a new prime minister by the time the series airs.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, during his resignation speech, this July 7.  Photo: AFP

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, during his resignation speech, this July 7. Photo: AFP

The drama series was originally going to be called This Sceptred Islebut later changed to This England, at the beginning of this year. In the sneak peek released in May by Sky, Branagh looks very convincing in the role, throwing out lines like, “This Covid we need to watch out for.”

It is clear from the trailer that the fiction is concerned with portraying a very specific period of time for Johnson during his tenure as Prime Minister.

unseen enemy

“The first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic will be remembered forever,” Winterbottom said of the show, in January 2021. “It was a time when the country came together to fight an invisible enemy. A time when people were more aware than ever of the importance of community.”

According to the director, “Our series weaves together countless true stories, from Boris Johnson at 10 Downing Street, to frontline workers across the country, chronicling the efforts of scientists, doctors, nursing home workers and lawmakers to protect us.” of the virus”.

Winterbottom was forced to leave the production due to illness for several months in 2021, but later returned to work. This England is a Fremantle production, Richard Brown’s Passenger and Revolution Films.

In a speech by Johnson announcing his resignation this week, he said the reason he “fought so hard” to remain prime minister was because “I felt it was my job, my duty, my obligation to you to continue what we promised in 2019.”

Listing his achievements, he cited Brexit, as well as “helping us all get through the pandemic, deliver the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe and”lead the West in confronting Putin’s aggression in Ukraine“.


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