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Kelly Rowland in her new book Being a Love Letter to Her Kids and Possible Destiny’s Child Reunion (Exclusive)

Kelly Rowland in her new book Being a Love Letter to Her Kids and Possible Destiny's Child Reunion (Exclusive)

The Destiny's Child member also spoke of a possible reunion for the group, saying fans deserve 'spontaneity.'

Kelly Rowland and teacher Jessica Mackey share their sweet voice for modern motherhood. The two came together to write the recently released children’s book, always with you, always with meA “lyrical celebration” of working moms everywhere.

Speaking to ET about the book, Rowland revealed that she and McKay initially met with their sons before deciding to work together.

“Our boys go to school together and we had play dates and she was telling me more about herself,” shared the 41-year-old. “She’s a teacher and, of course, a wonderful wife, a beautiful mother of three kids, and she’s also a writer. She had five or six books written, and she said, ‘I don’t know what to do with them. .’ I said, ‘Well, I never wrote a children’s book, but we can figure this out together!'”

Rowland notes that after reading the beginning of What Will Happen After always with you, always with me, An idea developed between the two. The singer was surprised that she had “never seen anything like this before.”

“There’s no book for a working mom and their baby and the dynamic and emotions – you have big feelings about what happens when you’re separated from your child,” she explained. “I’ve had days or moments where I was getting ready to go out of town and cry on the way to the car, missing my kids. Now it’s two and it just makes it worse Because I don’t want to miss anything.”

Rowland, who shares 7-year-old Titan and 1-year-old Noah with husband Tim Weatherspoon, said the idea resonated with her, especially after growing up with her boys during the COVID-mandated lockdown. Their “thick bond” makes it even more difficult for her to leave to work.

“I think as a woman, we’re just expected to have a balance and we really appreciate it when we do or show a little balance, but I think we’re so dope that we do it every time. Days understand and we take it easy,” she shared. “And I think for so long, society has just kept the woman in the house and when we move out and we have these big dreams and big ideas, it’s like, ‘Well, how the hell [do] They go home and schedule it, do it and figure it out and go to work?'”

Rowland explained, the book shows what it’s like for moms-to-be as they understand that all-powerful balance. It reflects the inevitable ‘Mom Guilt’, as well as how hard mothers work to ensure the happiness of their children.

“It’s because of mom’s bustle,” she announced. “Nothing like that.”

Merry Liddle Christmas Baby The actress revealed that she likes to arrange miniature scavenger hunts for her sons when they are away. She also works a love letter into Titan’s lunch kit so that she can find a “magic mark” when Rowland is away.

“And my magic marks [of] her [are] When I’ve got a Lego in my purse or my pocket, or a car in my wallet or my pocket,” she recalled sweetly. “I’m like, ‘Ouch,’ [and] Sure enough, it’s Lego sticking inside my nails. Our magic marks always find each other, that’s cool.”

Asked if Titan was aware of his mother’s work, Rowland shared that his firstborn “knows that Mommy does a lot of different things and is proud of it all.”

She said, “It was great, last Sunday at the L.A. Festival of Books, he and Chase — Jessica McKay’s son — were there and they were watching us read the book. [with a] The smile on his face… he’s just smiling and feeling so proud and that was such a great moment.”

She recalled the moment Titan saw the book for the first time, recalling how excited her son was by the cover. “The first time he saw it and it was done, he was like, ‘Is that me!?’ I was like ‘Yeah, I mean, when you didn’t cut your hair!’ Because he had the cutest bit. And now Noah has a fro. So, it’s perfect,” she shared. “I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s you man.’ And it is. I think it’s a version of every black boy. How often do they see themselves in books? How often do we see black women in books being architects and a whole bunch of men trying to create something great? lead the place?”

Rowland owes much of her balance to her group of mom friends, which includes celebrities like Ciara, La La Anthony, Serena Williams and, of course, her former bandmate, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

When asked frequently about the Destiny’s Child reunion with Beyoncé and Michelle Williams, Rowland said the trio would “never play with anyone” that never will.

“We love everyone so much that we wouldn’t mess with it, but I think … you deserve a surprise,” she said. “I think everything is just so planned so we watch it happen before it happens and we look at the process after it happens. It’s a lot like, we deserve spontaneity, we want to be surprised and me Hopefully Destiny’s Child will be a pleasant surprise.”

always with you, always with me Now available for purchase.

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