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Kelly Ripa’s son Michael Consuelos shares family secrets while on ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’

Kelly Ripa's son Michael Consuelos shares family secrets while on 'Live With Kelly and Ryan'

Michael Consuelos follows in the footsteps of his father Mark Consuelos in RiverdaleAnd now he’s spending some time in the world of his mom Kelly Ripa! On Thursday, the 24-year-old actor made a guest appearance on Living with Kelly and Ryan where he opened up about his famous family and how to act.

“We were on vacation recently, and it was strongly implied to me that you cut my hair or you can’t come,” she said of her new haircut. “I was going for something like a hipster from Brooklyn, and Mom said, ‘You look like a caveman. Stop it.’

“You looked like one of the forgotten members of Peaky blinders“Ripa joked.

Michael also spoke about his family’s recent trip to celebrate his graduation, which was previously delayed due to COVID. He had to stay in a room with his younger brother, Joaquin, and both Michael and Kelly talked about how different they are.

“Here’s the problem. Michael, as the first son, we were very spoiled by him – hard worker, diligent, good person,” Ripa said of her first-born, before joking with Michael: “How does Joaquin seem fine to you? “

“Joaquin is watching, so I only have good things to say about him,” Michael joked of his brother.

“You know, I call him ‘the replacement’. I call Michael ‘the heir’ and Joaquin ‘the replacement’,” Ripa said of her children. “It really drives Joaquin crazy.”

“They take it out on me, so thank you,” added Michael.

After Joaquin leaves for college this year, Michael’s parents will have an empty nest for the first time in decades.

“She’s already adopted a dog, so she’s already been preparing,” Michael said of his mother’s new dog, Lena. “You’ve been preparing for the empty nest. I think you’ll be fine.”

Co-host Ryan Seacrest also brought up photos from the family’s recent vacation, including one of Mark and his sons and a much darker one of Kelly and his sons.

“It looks like witness protection. I think it’s cool,” Michael said, laughing. “I think he’s nervous. I like him.”

Michael is currently playing a younger version of his father’s. Riverdale character, Hiram Lodge. After a clip of the show was played, Seacrest commented on how much he resembled his father.

“Everybody keeps telling me that, and I think the difference is that my dad is my voice, but with confidence,” he said. “When I speak, I say, ‘I have to sound like I know what I’m doing.’