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Kelly Osbourne expecting first child with Sid Wilson: Everything to know about the Slipknot star

Kelly Osbourne expecting first child with Sid Wilson: Everything to know about the Slipknot star

The couple announced that they're expecting their first child together Thursday.

Kelly Osbourne made a big announcement on Thursday! The 37-year-old singer revealed on Instagram that she is expecting her first child with Slipknot star Sid Wilson.

Osbourne made the news with a few photos in which she is seen holding a sonogram. In the first picture, the sonogram can be seen up close while she is kissing. In the second picture, she is sitting by the pool and looking at the same sonogram.

She captioned the post, “I know I’ve been pretty quiet over the past few months so thought I’d share with you all why… I’m ready to announce that I’m a momma I’m going to be.” “To say I’m happy doesn’t cut it. I’m happy!”

While they first linked in January, the pair went official on Instagram on Valentine’s Day, with each sharing a sweet tribute to each other to mark the special occasion. In Osbourne’s post, she revealed that she and Wilson had been friends for 23 years before taking their relationship to the next level, calling him her “best friend” and “soulmate.”

With her pregnancy announcement making headlines, ET takes a closer look at Sid Wilson.

Sid Wilson plays turntables for heavy metal band Slipknot

Wilson joined the Grammy-winning band in 1997, and as the band’s turntablist, he contributed scratches, sound effects, horror-like noises as well as background noise and effects for the heavy metal group. He was known to dive before breaking both of his heels when jumping 10 feet off the stage in the early years of the slipknot.

The group is known for their face masks and, for his part, Wilson has primarily gone the gas mask route. His look within the group has evolved over the years, from gas masks to masks that resemble skulls, to even animatronically controlled masks. The DJ updated his look for each of Slipknot’s various tours over the years.

His most recent look was perhaps his harshest, however, with Wilson donning an animatronic death mask of his own face, partially covered by a large black hood and robe.

Like Osbourne, Wilson also has a British background

Like Osbourne, Wilson also has ties to the United Kingdom. While he was born and raised in Iowa, both his parents are from England. While Osbourne was born in London and spent most of her life there, she grew up in America for most of her formative years, most notably during her family’s MTV reality show, osbournes,

It was through her family that the pair first formed a friendship, when Wilson was touring with Slipknot as part of Ozfest – a traveling festival organized by Osbourne’s mother, Sharon Osbourne – which usually included Ozzy Osbourne. Featured as a headliner. ,

Wilson’s music career extended beyond slipknot

In addition to making music with the heavy metal group, Wilson also performs as a DJ under the pseudonym DJ Starscream. They gained a huge following in Japan and are currently signed to the Japanese record label N2O Records.

He also has his own band called SID, in which he serves as the lead singer. The band’s first album, Sidwas released in 2011, and in 2013 she performed as a supporting act for the Vamps at their shows in Los Angeles and New York.

Wilson also raps and has a few acting credits under his belt, including bloodshed and by 2021 Paradise City,

Wearing multiple hats is nothing new for an artist. Back in March, Wilson reported loudwire That he has always considered himself a “jack of all trades”, which he attributes to his father.

“I’ve always considered myself a jack of all trades. My father is like a renaissance man and does a lot of things,” Wilson told the outlet. He was very active with the Army and then played pro football for Oxford United in England with the Pro-Moto Scrambles (which today is BSA – motocross for British small arms motorcycle). he is an artist. He depicts wildlife. He has just recently started sculpting. He is an architect and land developer.

“I can just go on and on about that guy. He does a lot of things,” he continued. “I’ve spent my whole life trying to live up to Sid’s name, because he’s second and I’m third.”

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