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Keith Urban on balancing family life with new tour (exclusive)

Keith Urban is ready to return to the stage! ET’s Rachel Smith talks with the 54-year-old country star ahead of her debut Speed ​​of Now World TourAnd he explained how he plans to balance performance and his family while on the road.

Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman, are parents to two daughters, Faith, 11, and Sunday, 13. He and his family try and go sightseeing when they join him on tour, although Urban explained that “it’s hard because you think you’re on vacation until you realize It’s not that you’re not.”

Urban’s family can’t be with him forever, so the musician has started to rethink his “work-life balance”, especially after spending so much time at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am lucky that I can do some shows and come home for a few days. I have structured it so that I can do that,” he told ET. “It also keeps the show fresh. I’ve been to a lot of shows where you can tell that person needs to take a break. We’ve all seen those shows and I never want to be like that.”

Despite the challenges of being on the road, Urban can’t wait for his fans to play again.

“It’s what I love to do. That’s what I do,” he said of the performance. , [There were about] 542 days between the last gig in 2020 and the first in early ’21. I’ve never played so long since I was 13.”

Urban’s eagerness to get back on stage equals the excitement of playing some of his new songs.

“I love playing anything new,” he explained. “… this new music I’m working on, I’m so excited for people to hear it… I like a good chorus. I like hooks, I like riffs, I like a good rhythm “

As for the show itself, Urban said he “tries to be loose” before and during set.

“We come on stage with a certain idea of ​​what we’re going to do, it’s structured, but it’s a huge amount of flow and spontaneity. That’s what makes every show different,” he said. “We can do it [decide] Let’s play it, flick it on, let’s raise it a little. It has to be real, it has to be spontaneous.”

Urban said, “I just want to be in the moment and it’s naturally going to be different every night. Being in the moment is everything.” “… to be in the moment with people who may have nothing in common other than this thing is happening right now and, more than ever, to be able to be part of that experience in some way or another.” Relationship, whether I am on stage or audience is gold.”

The musician added, “In the time we are in now, with so many different visions on incomparable things, it’s wonderful to be in sync for two hours, to bring everyone together and be together.”

Keith Urban The Speed ​​of Now World Tour Will start from 17th June.

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