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Keep ranting! Daniella Navarro attacks Ivonne Montero again; Does she envy you? (VIDEO)

  • Daniella Navarro does not get tired and attacks Ivonne Montero again
  • In the middle of the meeting of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’, the one from Venezuela gave strong comments
  • Had he already apologized to the Mexican?

A week has passed since the grand finale of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ in which the finalists courageously watched as Ivonne Montero, who was the most attacked on the reality show, won the $200,000 briefcase and one of The ones who made her life impossible the most was Daniella Navarro who, a week after the program ended, continues to rant.

Although the meeting program was recorded the same day as the final of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’, this Sunday it was broadcast on the air and this time in a commercial break, Daniella Navarro sent strong messages against Ivonne Montero, whom she supposedly He had asked for an apology on Instagram, which received no response from the Mexican.

Daniella Navarro continues to attack Ivonne Montero

Daniella Navarro strikes again

Apparently, during the days following the triumph of Ivonne Montero, the controversy in which Daniella Navarro was involved within the House for being the villain who made the most attacks and negative comments affected her so much when she saw the reaction outside the reality show that he had to send a message to the Mexican woman asking for forgiveness.

In recent interviews, Ivonne Montero commented that she received the unexpected text on her Instagram account but that she did not see the need to respond since the damage had already been done and also did not seem sincere to her apology from Daniella Navarro who repeatedly even messed with the daughter of the Mexican.

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