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Keanu Reeves teases ‘extraordinary’ action in ‘John Wick 4’ after footage debuts at CinemaCon (exclusive)

Keanu Reeves teases 'extraordinary' action in 'John Wick 4' after footage debuts at CinemaCon (exclusive)

ET spoke with Reeves and director Chad Stahelski at CinemaCon on Thursday, and the pair hinted at what is in store for fans.

Keanu Reeves fans look forward to watching the action-packed fourth chapter john wick Vote!

The movie star, along with the film’s director, Chad Stahelski, gets a first look at the most anticipated film John Wick: Chapter 4 at CinemaCon at the Caesars Palace Colosseum Theater in Las Vegas on Thursday. The pair spoke to ET’s Kevin Frazier after the presentation, and explained what the fourth installment of the series brings to the table.

“There are new characters, more world building, High Table is a little angry, John Wick is a little angry, he’s trying to survive,” Reeves teased with an excited smile.

Pointing to Stahelski—who co-directed the original john wick And went alone directing the acclaimed second and third chapters – Reeves said, “This insane genius has created some really amazing, extraordinary sequences.”

During the presentation, Stahesky warned attendees that fans shouldn’t expect happy endings from the upcoming action thriller, and explained to ET, “I think John Wick is always the victim. That’s why we love him so much. So I don’t know how would you describe John Wick’s happy ending?”

“He just keeps trying, doesn’t he? I guess that’s what it is,” Reeves said, referring to the character’s popularity. “He just keeps trying, he doesn’t give up.”

For Reeves, playing a character like Vic—a determined but troubled man with aspirations for a normal life who is doomed by obscure intrigues—has long been fascinating for the famed star.

“I’ve always been the person to respond to stories like this,” Reeves said with a smile.

John Wick: Chapter 4 It is set to hit the theaters on 24 March 2023.

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