Home Entertainment Keanu Reeves’ magnanimous gesture to the Matrix Resurrections team

Keanu Reeves’ magnanimous gesture to the Matrix Resurrections team

Keanu Reeves' magnanimous gesture to the Matrix Resurrections team

After two decades, Keanu Reeves returned to play Neo, one of his most famous characters, part of the saga Matrix. But beyond his work in the recent Matrix Resurrections, the actor is news for constant gestures of generosity.

This time, all his closest circle of family, friends and also his close collaborators had the opportunity to attend the premiere of the film, on December 18 in San Francisco, with all the luxuries of a Hollywood star. Reeves invited everyone to the world premiere and took care of all the expenses.

The invitation was for members of your family, friends and also your martial arts trainers, hairdressers and makeup artists, his team of doubles, managers, publicists and collaborators. “He wanted to make sure they were all there for him. It’s epic,” said Chad Stahelski, who directed Reeves in the films of John Wick and was part of that select group.

Keanu Reeves Played Neo Again In &Quot;Matrix Resurrections&Quot;.

Keanu Reeves played Neo again in “Matrix Resurrections”.

Private jet, gifts and everything else too

The trip for about 40 people included transportation in a private jet, hotel accommodation, an exclusive brunch and also a gift, according to the site. TheHollywood Reporter, without clarifying what was the gift they received.

“Keanu is incredibly generous. He didn’t forget any of the people who helped him,” Stahelski added.

This is not the first time that Reeves has this type of gesture with the closest people, mainly and is known for making expensive and extravagant gifts.

For example, after filming matrix Reloaded, the actor gave Harley-Davidson motorcycles to the stunt team. While in the case of john wick 4, Reeves gave all of his stuntmen personalized Rolex Submariner watches.

Generous and supportive

On the other hand, this behavior is not new and has nothing to do with his fortune. Already when he filmed Matrix, in 1999 that launched him to world stardom, Keanu decided to allocate 70% of his salary to a humanitarian cause.

In addition, from the percentage of final earnings of the successful film, and donated much of it to the film’s special effects and costume design team. He was always convinced that those who work behind the scenes should also be rewarded and have the opportunity of those extra points like the rest of the cast.

Keanu Reeves With His Sister Kim, Who Suffered From Leukemia.  Already Recovered, The Actor Continues To Collaborate With The Cause.

Keanu Reeves with his sister Kim, who suffered from leukemia. Already recovered, the actor continues to collaborate with the cause.

Another of his gestures of generosity that transcended was the donation of a $20,000 Christmas bonus that he gave to a set builder for the same film, who was going through a very difficult financial situation.

It’s all about living with love

Now too allocated 70% of his salary earned with the Matrix Resurrections to the fight against cancer, a subject that closely surrounds him since his sister suffered from leukemia for several years and although she is recovered, the actor continues to support his collaboration to continue supporting the cause.

“If life isn’t about love, then we’re in trouble,” the actor said in an interview, explaining his stance. Despite several tragic situations that he lived through throughout his life, from the abandonment of her father until the death of her best friend and a former partner, Reeves maintains a positive posture.

Precisely, about his philosophy of life, in an interview he assured: “money means nothing to me. I’ve made a lot of money, but I want to enjoy life and not stress myself out of building a bank account.”


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