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Katy Perry wants to ‘experience the world’ through daughter Daisy’s eyes on Next World Tour (EXCLUSIVE)

Katy Perry is looking to the future. While the 37-year-old singer is enjoying her current Las Vegas residency, she is ready to get back on the road.

ET spoke with Perry on Wednesday at Resorts World Las Vegas as he was presented with the keys to the Las Vegas Strip by the Clark County Commission to celebrate the success of his residency, Play. June 8 was also declared “Katy Perry Day”. Additionally, the musician confirmed that eight more shows have been added to his residency for October, but after that, he’s not sure what his plans are.

“If there’s demand, I’ll just keep playing,” Perry said, adding that having residency is “like the pinnacle for a pop star.”

Katy Perry

Katy Perry holds a ceremonial key to the Las Vegas Strip during a ceremony where she received the announcement of June 8 as Katy Perry Day on June 8, 2022 at Resorts World Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images for AEG Presents / Resorts World Las Vegas

Perry notes that she’s not sure how long she’ll stay in one place, as she’d still like to do a few more world tours — and for good reason.

“I want to put out new music that will support those world tours because as much fun as it is to be on a stage and all these people from all over the world come and visit me, I still need to come and meet you. It’s important to me,” she explained.

Perry’s 1-year-old daughter, Daisy, whom she shares with Orlando Bloom, is also playing a big part in her desire to go on tour. “I love traveling and now I get a chance to take my daughter and I want to see that experience through her eyes once again,” she said.

For now, Perry is grateful for the opportunity to continue playing her Vegas shows. “I am grateful for that,” she said. “I think one of the keys to the show is that it’s really for all ages. …I’ve seen six-year-olds on this show before their bedtime. I’ve seen 80-year-olds with their kids.” Bring it up. Grandchildren. It makes me so happy that people are reacting that way.”

It’s no surprise that Perry would like to experience the world through Daisy’s eyes. In May, she spoke to ET’s Matt Cohen about how the baby has changed her life for the better.

“I love being a mom. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life,” she said.

Describing how motherhood has given her a new outlook on life, Perry shared, “[It’s] Just like the most beautiful eyes the opportunity to see the world again – and joy. For a new breath of life to breathe in everything. It’s as if you too have to be reborn.”

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