Katy Perry is moved to tears by pregnant Hailey Slayton and Sam Moss in emotional ‘American Idol’ moment

Katy Perry is moved to tears by pregnant Hailey Slayton and Sam Moss in emotional 'American Idol' moment

Katy Perry shared a motherly moment with moms-of-two during Sunday’s episode American Idol. After Sam announced that she was indeed four months pregnant, contestants Haley Slayton and Sam Moss were paired up to sing a duet.

Sam shared, “Since my audition, life has given me a huge curveball.” “Being a mom this year wasn’t part of my plan, but it brings a whole new reason and inspiration to continue doing what I love.”

Haley, who was pregnant during her initial audition, was in her eighth month during a pre-taped performance and both contestants struggled with emotion and endurance as they performed a duet on Robin’s “Dancing on My Own”. Had prepared.

Katy pulled the women aside to give a loud speech before the performance, and the moment left her with tears in her eyes.

“My lifelong thing is that I’m never enough,” Katy shared with the singers. “Then I had my baby and it was like…”

As the pop superstar burst into tears, she said, “I had my baby and I had all the love I had never felt before. Verification anymore. I’m going to do it because I love it.” I am, but this is pure love.'”

The two women then took to the stage to give a melodious performance, mocking them that their pair’s name was “watermelon smugglers”. But only Sam made it to the next round.

Katy said to Haley, crying, “I know you’re going to be a great mom. And I also know you’ll never give up on your dreams.”

While five months pregnant, Haley enthralled the judges at her audition and inspired audiences alike. Although she did not advance to the competition, she met her future husband, Jordan Miles, during the audition process.

“My journey on @americanidol may be over but my musical journey definitely isn’t!” Haley wrote on Instagram with a picture of herself and Jordan. “Thank you so much for the support and new fans who have joined me since my first audition. I love you all so much!!!”

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