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Katy Perry apologizes to Kim Kardashian and Orlando Bloom for Pete Davidson TikTok reply

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Maybe Pete Davidson isn’t like Katy Perry. While playing with the popular MASH filter on TikTok, Perry couldn’t resist a ghoulish grin when saturday night live The alum was randomly chosen to be her “boyfriend”.

Of course, this video is as fun as a modern take on the old paper-and-pencil game of childhood, which was supposed to predict aspects of your adult life like your future home, spouse, career, and number of children.

Comments were flooded with amusing responses from fans, while Perry offered an apology in her caption. “No offense @KimKardashian (and Orlando?),” she wrote with a shrug emoji. Incidentally, Davidson is currently filming Magician! With Perry’s boyfriend Orlando Bloom in Australia.

@Katy Perry no offense @kim kardashian Home With A View – Cyn

Davidson wasn’t the only answer that shook Perry—the pop star’s jaw dropped when she hit a huge number six in the kids’ category.

That doesn’t mean that Perry and Bloom won’t like their kids growing up a bit. A source told ET last week that the couple is “very much in love and would love to expand their family.”

The source added, “Katy and Orlando are doing really well and wonderful. Their relationship is very strong and they’ve been raised. They’ve also figured out how to balance their busy schedules, but not each other. Make time for it too.” The 37-year-old singer is “obsessed with being a mom.”

Perry and Bloom got engaged back in 2019 and welcomed their daughter Daisy Dove the following year. When ET spoke to Perry recently, she revealed why her daughter has taken her on another world tour.

“I love traveling and now I get a chance to take my daughter and I want to see that experience through her eyes once again,” she said.

Meanwhile, another source told ET last month that after Davidson publicly said he would love to be a father, Kardashian and Davidson have been in talks about the possibility of having children together.

“Kim’s kids think Pete is very funny, playful and loves him,” the source said. “Pete definitely wants to be a father and he and Kim have talked about it, but they’re just focused on building their relationship.”

Currently, that means a lot of communication. “Kim is supportive of Pete, being attentive to him, checking on him, and texting and FaceTiming him when he’s apart,” the source added. “She has her own ways of making her feel special, and she definitely makes a presence in her life. They have crazy chemistry and can hardly take their hands off each other when they are together in person.” Once Pete’s filming is done, they look forward to a ‘reunion’ tour together as a celebration of the project wrapping up.”

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