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Kate del Castillo shares the trailer for the third season of ‘La Reina del Sur’

the followers of the queen of the south are celebrating, because this Wednesday the protagonist of the television drama, Kate of the Castleshared the official trailer of the third season.

Through her Instagram account, the Mexican actress showed the progress of the new adventures of Theresa Mendozaa character he brings to life in this production of the Telemundo network.

Kate del Castillo receives criticism for controversial photo and causes controversy among her fans

“I have a surprise for you! Check my Instagram to see exclusively the trailer for the new season of The Queen of the South. Record your reactions tagging @ReinaDelSurTV so I can see them. There is no going back!” Kate wrote to accompany the trailer.

In this trailer, Kate is seen as Teresa on the run from the authorities, facing various deadly risks and forming alliances with old and new characters.

the third season It will premiere next Tuesday, October 18 on Telemundo.

“You are going to see a very tough Teresa, a very warrior Teresa, a Teresa like you have never seen her,” said the actress in an interview with the AP agency about her role in this new installment. “Physically, I also made a change,” she added.

What is season three about? the queen of the south?

The third season picks up four years after Teresa was convicted by US authorities of the murder of three anti-drug agents. Separated from her daughter Sofía de ella, the protagonist lives in a maximum security prison, stripped of all freedoms. However, she manages to escape from her through a sophisticated plan devised by her old friends, Oleg and Jonathan, who take her to Mexico.

There they meet with President Epifanio Vargas and Teresa agrees to embark on a dangerous mission that will take her throughout Latin America, hoping to to end her life as a fugitive and finally be reunited with her daughter.

Filmed in 16 cities in the region, including emblematic sites such as the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Teatro Colón in Argentina and Santa Marta in Colombia. The series features an international cast that includes Humberto Zurita, Isabella Sierra, Kika Edgar, Alejandro Calva, Tiago Correa, Eduardo Yáñez, Lincoln Palomeque, Antonio Gil, Emmanuel Orenday, Cuca Escribano, Sara Vidorreta, Agata Clares, and Dmitry Anisimov, among others.


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