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Kate Bush has already earned over a million dollars for her song Running Up That Hill

How will Kate Bush thank brothers Matt and Ross Duffer? they are creatorsaudience) of stranger things and, as such, responsible for including kate theme, running up That Hill, In various episodes of the fourth season of the popular series.

Song – From 1985 – Bus reached #1 on the charts in England, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria, it is one of Return (return) the most spectacular in the industry. For more data: running up That Hill It has become the most listened song in the world on Spotify.

so today At 63, Bush becomes oldest singer to achieve No. 1 single In the United Kingdom, with the leader in 1998, displacing the previous Cher brand. Believing,

The fourth season of the series revived Kate Bush's career.

The fourth season of the series revived Kate Bush’s career.

speaking silver

economic revival Has already brought in more than $1 million in royalties to Kate Bush, A source from the British newspaper confirmed: “Kate is on track to raise a seven-figure sum due to her return.” Sun.

“She has all the publishing and licensing rights, and she is also the author of the song, namely: Almost all the money goes to him. Judging by the traction of the song –Nearly one million daily streams on Spotify-, Kate will easily earn about 300 thousand dollars a week and if she continues like this, she will have a lot of laughs on the way to the bank.

kate knows how to say thank you

“Why are people so interested in me when I only make an album once?” in 1989 asked the mysterious singer Kate Bush, who He went 12 years without publishing an album new.

“The Duffer Brothers Have Made Four Extraordinary Seasons stranger things In which we have been able to enjoy how child actors have become young adults”, the artist began by thanking the creative duo of the series.

“In this final season, the characters face the same challenges that still exist. I think the Duffer Brothers have touched people’s hearts in a special way.l, in an incredibly difficult time for everyone, especially the youngest,” he continued.

"Running Up That Hill" is linked in the plot with Max, one of the main female characters.

“Running Up That Hill” is linked in the plot with Max, one of the main female characters.

“To present running up That Hill In such a positive way, as an amulet for Max (one of the main female characters), The song is taken into the emotional realm of its story. Fear, struggle and the power of love surround him and his friends…

And he closed his website like this: “I congratulate the Duffer Brothers for their courage to lead this new phase of the series. Too adult and in a dark place. I want to thank him so much for bringing the song into the lives of so many people.”

“I’m overwhelmed by the love and support the song is getting and it’s all happening so fast, like it’s being propelled by some kind of primal force. To make the song #1 in such an unexpected way Thank you very much. .” ,

always cryptic

In 2014 he performed several concerts in London – with reserves and some public performances without coming on stage after 35 years-, Bush remains in the collective memory of Anglo-Saxon music.

This is usually shown in interviews with the press. Charming, yet clever and unable or unwilling to put into words why and how he makes his music.

His influence has been constant for artists such as Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Lady Gaga, Lash for Lash, Goldfrapp, Florence Welch, Joanna Newsom, Tricky and Outkast.


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