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Kate Bush broke more records and earned 2.3 million dollars thanks to Stranger Things

According to the latest numbers of sales and reproductions of the theme Running up the hillthe singer and songwriter Kate Bush has already earned more than 2.3 million dollars thanks to the use of one of her songs in the series Stranger Things 4.

An important fact is that she is the owner of the copyright of the recordings, which is why the bulk of the profits go directly to her account, without losing the percentage in the hands of a record company.

Kate Bush

Kate Bush

In this last week, the singer broke three records, according to the Guinness Book of World Records: the longest period it took for a song to reach # 1 on the British singles chart, the oldest singer to reach # 1 of the British ranking, and the longest space of time between the two times that the subject was first.

As for age, the record was held by Cher, who was 52 years old when her subject Believe was #1 in 1998, and so he sent her a Twitter to congratulate her.

Cher's tweet for Kate Bush

Cher’s tweet for Kate Bush

More hits

Since your topic Running up the hill Appearing in May on the new season of the hit series Stranger Things, the song broke another three Guinness Guide records: it was number one in Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, as well as being at one point the most streamed song in the world. world.

Currently, the song has already spent three weeks at the top of the official singles ranking in England, with Bush herself declaring that the fact is “a bit surreal”.

Max, the Stranger Things character who must listen to Kate Bush's theme to be safe from the villain.

Max, the Stranger Things character who must listen to Kate Bush’s theme to be safe from the villain.

“I can’t believe it – he posted on his website – that it’s #1 for the third week, we’re all excited about the news! This is actually starting to feel a bit surreal.”

Kate Bush watched the series

The famous singer and songwriter who was a boom in the ’80s also commented that she finished watching the new season Stranger Things 4: “There were only the scenes where my song appeared, so I didn’t know how the plot was going to evolve or grow. I was happy that the Duffer Brothers wanted to use Running up the hill for Max, but now that I’ve seen the entire series, I feel deeply honored that the song was chosen for a part of his journey that is like a roller coaster of emotions”

“I can’t even imagine the amount of hard work that goes into doing something on this scale. I’m surprised. They’ve done something really spectacular.”

Kate Bush also made reference to the amount of pirated merch floating around, assuring people that the only official merch is the one offered on official sites. “I hope they understand that we want to honor the energy that’s being generated by the public right now. It’s an energy that feels very special, unique and downright moving.”

In a rare report the reserved artist gave on BBC radio last month, she said the frenzy over her song was “extraordinary” and that it was “very special” to know that a young audience was listening to it so much.

The first part of Stranger Things 4 premiered on May 27.

The first part of Stranger Things 4 premiered on May 27.

The list of themes of the new season of stranger things includes other hits from the ’80s like Metallica and Master Of PuppetsSiouxsie And The Banshees and spellboundJames Taylor and fire and rainand Rick Derringer and Rock And Roll. A CD and vinyl are due to appear in the coming weeks.


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