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Kate Bosworth and Justin Long’s relationship is booming, says source

Kate Bosworth and Justin Long's relationship is booming, says source

The pair was spotted kissing in Hawaii last month.

Kate Bosworth and Justin Long’s romance is going strong! A source told ET that the pair’s relationship is becoming increasingly serious.

“They both went into this relationship without any expectation or pressure — it was just fun and easy — but things quickly got serious,” the source says.

The couple were photographed holding hands and smiling as they walked around the city and in New York City on Thursday. The ET source noted that the trip to the Big Apple is a fun getaway for the couple.

“Justin lived in New York and is loving taking Kate to some of his old favorite places in the East Village,” says the source.

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth
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Long, 43, and Bosworth, 39, have been rumored to be in a relationship since last year, when they worked together on the film. house of darkness, Last August, Bosworth officially announced that she and Michael Polish, her husband of nearly eight years, were leaving it.

Then, in December, Long referred to his “girlfriend” during an episode of his podcast, life is short with justin longHowever, she did not give any other details about her identity or their relationship.

The following month, Long publicly supported Bosworth by posting about the Sundance Film Festival premiere of his flick, bring on dancing horseson his Instagram story.

In April, the pair were photographed together while departing from a Santa Monica, California, dinner date. In the same month, Long appeared vial files podcast and gave details about his girlfriend, although he did not name Bosworth.

Before getting into a relationship, Long said he had “reached a place where I was comfortable with myself.” While he “didn’t know it at the time,” Long said he “was drawn to it,” which he now “found.”

“I want to [talk about it]But I also want to be protective,” Long said of their relationship. “I want to scream it off the rooftops, but I also want to be protective. It’s holy.”

Later, in April, Long and Bosworth were photographed hand-in-hand and, at one point, mid-liplock as they lay in the sand on a trip to Hawaii.

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