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Karol Sevilla leverages his success

Karol Sevilla leverages his success

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .- Karol Sevilla has proven to be more than a “Disney Girl”, although this year she stars once again in a new story from the said firm in which she shows off a new musical stage by “taking advantage of the The wave of success” that accompanies him.

“You have to take advantage of this moment to jump in and see where it throws you,” Karol Sevilla said of the decisions he made for his career.

Most recently is his return to Disney with the first Disney Plus series for Latin America, “Always Is Me”, which explores the mystery and with which he began acting a few months after announcing that he would Put all your attention on the music.

“I read the character and it tied me, what I have done is a different challenge, especially for ‘Soy Luna’ (2016), I feel very proud to be Mexican in this project and make the country proud Happens,” said the singer.

The mystery series is the first that Disney Plus does in Latin America and was filmed in Colombia.

Karol Sevilla returned to music months ago with more personality with the promise of a ‘new’ Karol, showing bigger and this one “Kiss Yours”, which has more than 6 million replicas, the song that said proposal had advocated. “Nobody Understands You” is the project’s second single by the Mexico City-born young woman and on this occasion Karol was able to experiment not only with her voice, but also with her physical appearance.

“It was a huge challenge, it’s a very crazy song. It’s very colorful in appearance, a little bit bipolar because it handles many of my everyday personalities”, he assured.

Source of Inspiration

The video that accompanies the song was inspired by the aesthetics of K-pop, of which she confesses a fanatic and where you can see the singer dressed in pastel colors and with various flashy facets, combined with fantasy makeup. Goes from white to pink hair.

“From the first moment I entered the studio and saw the stage, the dancers, the arrangement of the wigs and the costumes, it caught my attention and I enjoyed each transition,” says the singer, who admits she was intimidated by the end result. was.

However, the finished product exceeded his expectations, for which he thanks the entire team that came with it.

In her videos, a fundamental part is dancing, and this is explained by the fact that since she was six years old, the protagonist of “Soy Luna” (2016) has devoted herself to dancing, and although She does not currently take classes, she hopes to be able to resume them soon.

“Nobody understands you” was written by Juan Pablo Villamil de Morat and although Seville has not had the opportunity to meet him, he recognizes his work and hopes that very soon they will be able to write a song together. .