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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Karol G is saying goodbye to her blue hair, what’s the new color?

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Colombian Karol G surprised by the news that it was time to ditch the turquoise blue of her hair and make way for a new color.

“La Bichota” published stories a few days ago to announce his decision. But he also explained that he had a reason. And the fact is that with this change he is also closing a chapter in his life. “Hi! I don’t know where to start… but what I’m going to say comes from the bottom of my heart. I want to tell you that I decided to change my blue hair, which you love to do as I do,” announced the singer from Provence. The farewell to this series was celebrated on a trip to Santorini (Greece), Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Kenya (Africa).

“My blue hair and I have vacationed in some of the places that are on my dream list, I have taken my friends, we have behaved, we have been misbehaved, we have eaten a lot, we have danced a lot, we have a drank a little more, WE SAID GOODBYE TO EVERYTHING HIGH!” the Colombian continued. In his stories, he said that the circuits he closed had to do with people, feelings and a lot of success. “We shared from goodbye to all the past, to a time I will never forget, to people I loved dearly, to so much pain, to so much immaturity, to so much development, to incredible achievements, to reconnect with myself, to… most successful album of my career so far, now, from my first sold-out tours, from my first stadiums, from little songs for my relief, from songs, because yes, from what kind of worker… From 200 Dr inks with my friends until I feel as free as in Provence and yes… my blue hair,” Karol G explained to his followers. How much are tickets to see Karol G in Charlotte, are they still available? What does Karol G look like with her red hair? And yes, Karol G’s new hair color is red. He got it by changing his profile picture with that of the little mermaid. Showing off her new shade, she joked that she finally looked a bit like this Disney princess. Here we leave the change. What do you think?

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