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Karla Souza is a vampire in ‘Day Shift’

the action tape Day shift of Netflix that premieres today, Friday the 12th, also has the participation Snoop Dogg. The address is provided by JJ Perry, who has made successful film adaptations such as Mortal Kombat. We talked with the protagonists about this title that already had fans on social networks since the first images were released.

Seeing your character I thought: “I hope that Karla Souza never gets mad at me”.

Thank you, (while laughing) you know what a delight it was to be able to find that macabre and dangerous side.

Did you ever consider that you would be living with vampires?

I never thought I’d be in a vampire movie and not an action movie. What I liked is that normally in this kind of movies we see women being very sexualized and being treated like objects, in this movie she is a woman who is strong, ambitious, mother of her daughter, whom she wants to avenge. My character tries to conquer the Valley of Los Angeles, so as a Mexican, she moved me a lot. I managed to make it very mine and have fun at the same time. All the physical trainings we had helped me feel that physical power and more. It was a lot of fun, I usually get other types of roles.

I’m sure that after this many will realize your range as an actress, which in English they say ‘actors’, what do you think?

Note that I was very much of the school of saying “actor” because I studied in England, it was a very classic thing. We were all “actors”, they dressed us all in black, you couldn’t wear makeup and those who had tattoos had to cover them up. Very neutral and classic. I grew up a lot with that, and at the same time I feel that “actress” has a stigma that I don’t like.

Are the movies of pure lockdowns and action are a stigma?

What would interest me would be to have a much more extended conversation, but of course it’s a popcorn movie, full of lockdowns, comedy, and we had a lot of fun. And at the same time we are talking about a father who is having a difficult time, who is trying to help his daughter who is having a bad time. And my character is precisely that: how can I make it not be a caricature, give it some reality. In the film, the temple that they have me under the Valley is impressive. It is important to frame that, California was from Mexico and for my character that is central.

The sequel could be Vampires vs. Santa Anna.

I’m lovin ‘it! I am going to propose it because it is precisely that (laughing).

What do you think Jaime Foxx must have felt when he found out that he would work with Karla Souza?

Thanks for the question, it’s very subtle, but important. I think she had a lot of fun. The first day we were already dancing salsa. She composed a song for me while on set, which she was moved with the song of as I said, “This is my Valley, motherfucker”. So he told me to do a song and put together a whole song for my character. As Latinos we have an impeccable work ethic, so they will never complain about that.

Help me define the movie: vampires? action? satire?

Jaime Foxx. It is all that. For me it is fun. There are two things that are happening: there is a guy trying to do something for his daughter and for his family, someone is disrespected along the way and he loses a member of his family. So it’s almost personal. And it turns out it’s in a world we’ve known about for years, like the vampire world. I love the fact that it’s like a union. You have the guy who follows all the rules and you have me. I don’t think you’ve ever seen a movie like that and if you watch it with a group of people, you’ll see how we jump from one side to the other, it’s unique.

Dave Franco. Yes, he has a bit of everything. I think what ties it all together is that we’re having an amazing time and the movie itself shows you that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

In this interaction between the two of you, how much did you play with improvisation? How much of you is in your characters?

JF. That’s Dave Franco being the best. Coming to work with a bag full of interpretations of every line, that’s what made him who he is. He handled that part.

DF. When we arrived, the director told us: “I have the action covered, I’m counting on you for the comedy.” That gave us a lot of freedom to go crazy and do what we wanted.


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