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Karla Fernanda, the young woman who killed her mother and uncle, ‘hunted’ artists

He had already shown his violent behavior

He had already shown his violent behavior

Karla Fernanda, the young woman who murdered her mother and her uncle, at her home located in the Alfonso XIII neighborhood of the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office, in Mexico City, had already shown her violent behavior. According to the journalist Carlos Jiménez, in 2020, the young woman had a conflict with her neighbors, then also a teenager, and one of them was stabbed by a screwdriver.

Because of this aggression, Karla’s mother, Paola Georgina Gorostieta González, signed a document where she promised that her daughter would respect the affected people at all times. Agreement signed “Paola Georgina Gorostieta González, being the mother of the 16-year-old adolescent Karla Fernanda Hernández Gorostieta, I promise that my daughter will respect the adolescent Katya at all times, as well as her aunt, as well as her relatives, equally In this way, I request that said family respect my person, my belongings and above all my youngest daughter, ”reads a document shown on social networks.

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