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Karla Fernanda, the young woman who killed her mother and uncle, ‘hunted’ artists

  • He had a shady past
  • As well as photos with many well-known artists
  • Apparently he ‘hunted’ them outside Televisa

The story of Karla, an 18-year-old girl who was arrested after being found inside her home with the lifeless bodies of her mother and uncle, would be involved in a context of violence. According to journalist Carlos Jiménez, Karla Fernanda went to the Public Ministry several times.

Sometimes her mother denounced her for family violence, but in other cases she also accompanied her to report alleged sexual abuse and rapes and robberies by neighbors and other people, according to Agencia El Universal. In the material that Jiménez presented on her television space, she indicates that the young woman was denounced by her mother since the young woman was 12 years old.

Karla lived “a horror” from a very young age

Karla lived

Documents shown by the journalist indicate that there are at least four accusations of family violence against Karla Fernanda. At 14 years of age, she already added four investigation folders where she was singled out for violence, says Agencia El Universal.

In later years, her aunt and her mother appeared before the Public Ministry to denounce the young woman. Videos shown in the program that Jiménez hosts reveal aspects of the home where Karla lived with her mother and her uncle, the interior of the apartment looks in disarray.

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