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Karina Banda had a big scare in Turkey. Look at her face!

Karina Band He had a large scare throughout a supper in Turkey. The Mexican presenter, who is recording the reality clearly show Falling in appreciate with the Island with her partner Charles Ponce in Turkey, has loved unforgettable ordeals in this country.

Something unanticipated that left her with a frightened face is that a cat climbed on her legs though she was sitting in a cafe possessing evening meal. Even though she enjoys pet dogs, she is worried of cats.

“It went up abruptly and I am fearful of cats,” he wrote on his Instagram Tales, demonstrating his frightened experience.

Carlos Ponce’s wife is an animal lover, the few even adopted a homeless pet in Turkey whom they named Amor. Nevertheless, he has an inexplicable phobia of cats.

“When you want to touch it but it scares you,” she wrote together with a different photo with the friendly kitty.

“Turkey has taught me to adore animals extra, viewing so numerous puppies and cats on the streets would make my heart ache seeing the truth of so numerous tiny animals that stay on their very own each day,” stated Banda, who has employed his social media to increase consciousness about this situation.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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