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Karime talks about her controversial kiss with Jawy Méndez in ‘Acapulco Shore’; “is going to arm”

Acapulco Shore is days away from hitting the small screen with its tenth season, which brings back Jawy Mendez, one of the vacationers who started the project, but who was not part of the previous edition. The official announcement was made through a video in which the influencer appears kissing Karime Pindterthe former best friend of Manelyk Gonzalez.

The advance that MTV shared on its social networks was an imitation of the classic entrances of the telenovelas from Televisa or TV Azteca only with the cast that will be part of the new season of Acapulco Shore.

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Each shore has its own melodramatic scene inspired by popular Mexican soap operas. In one of the sequences, Karime is seen in a bathtub with foam kissing a Jay Mendez, who last year ended his marriage commitment to Manelyk González giving rise to controversial rumors.

The romantic interaction between the influencers drew attention given the friendship that Karime had with Mane, and that according to both stars it was broken by a betrayal.

Karime explains what it was like to kiss Jawy in a promo for ‘Acapulco Shore’

After the video circulated and in the midst of the controversy, Karime turned to her social networks to respond to the accusations and told how it was to kiss Jawy. In the third change for the trailer Karime was asked to put on “underclothes”, she accepted.

“I said: ‘come on, come on, I have a great body, what better’. In that they come to my dressing room and tell me: ‘Karime, get ready because you’re going to kiss Jawy and Chile’, now comes the scene that will turn the scandals around“He said in the video he shared.

Despite the comments that he knew the scene would be, he was not opposed to recording it, since he first thought of being professional: “I told myself: ‘we are working, we are on a set, we are recording as if it were a soap opera and if I want to be a leading actress I have to do it, why not?“.

The businesswoman pointed out that the scenery had a “cute” jacuzzi. There were roses and candles, in addition to the fact that two of her favorite people who are also her best friends were already in the place: Jawy and Chile.

We had a little tequila and Chile was really excited: ‘name, what a good scene, my fat girl’, and I: ‘don’t worry, this is work, this is work. Don’t walk around ignoring me’, and Jawy did say: ‘p*t* m*dr* the rebambaramba’ and I told him: ‘daddy is a commercial, we have to be professionals and we are going to have fun,’ he added.

Karime shared some behind-the-scenes scenes and later explained that after a few shots of tequila they recorded the scene.

“EITHERRale, I kissed Jawy, the truth was something uncomfortable and from there I’m going with chili, he was already p***nd* the cuete and that’s how an Acapulco Shore commercial is made, “he concluded.


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