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Karely Ruiz will be the cover of an adult magazine: “They came to me at the price”

Karen Ruiz is one of the most popular models and influencers and successful at the moment. She is among the personalities that generate the most income on the exclusive content creation platform, OnlyFans.

In addition, she has millions of followers on her social networks due to her beauty, personality and dedication. It is certainly a internet iconso each of her statements and actions place her in the center of attentionhowever, the recent revelations he made for a television program They left the audience speechless.

Karely Ruiz will be the cover of an adult magazine

Karely Ruiz was invited to the program ‘It’s Show’ channel 6, and during the section ‘The Mirror of It Show’the famous driver from Monterrey Ernesto Chavana questioned the model about various aspects of their personal and professional life. She answered each of the questions asked by the television presenter, thereby revealing great exclusives that left the audience surprised.

When questioned about her possible employment relationship with a men’s magazine, the influencer also confirmed that in the coming months she will be the cover of an adult entertainment publicationalthough he did not reveal the name of the brand with which he will collaborate.

Has she been invited to a men’s magazine cover?”, was the question that Chavana asked.

He explained that after reaching an economic agreement, accepted the offerHe also indicated that it is an international journal.

“Coming soon (…) I got the price”, commented the model between laughs.

Finally, he shared that the photo session is scheduled to take place in national territory.

Karely Ruiz in film and television?

Due to its enormous popularity, Karely Ruiz receives multiple job offers daily, same that are managed by her manager and brother, however, although the model assured in the same interview that I could work a whole year nonstop As a result of the dozens of offers, he clarified that no television or film production has come close to her or her team to agree a contract.

However, Ruiz hinted that she is not closed to the possibility, since her response was: “No, not at the moment, not yet.”


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