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Karely Ruiz unmasks Fofo Márquez; he questions his millionaire life: “I paid”

flabby marquez is one of the new viral characters of social networks. He gained popularity on digital platforms due to his apparent life of luxurybecause its content is based on showing how much he pays with his friends for each night out he has.

However, the millions that he presumes to have could be false or conditioned for a few, at least that is what the OnlyFans influencer and model assured Karen Ruizwho unmasked Fofo in the middle of a live program for the national network.

Karely Ruiz questions the millionaire life of Fofo Márquez

Yesterday Karely Ruiz was invited to the program ‘SNSERIOUS’ of MULTIMEDIA, where she was questioned about various topics, from her millionaire earnings to her altruistic work. However, the controversy and scandal She could not be left out, so the hosts asked her about her relationship with Fofo, before which she made a series of revelations that shocked the public.

The young woman began by explaining how she developed her relationship, which from the beginning was cemented in work; According to the influencer, the first physical meeting between the two was intended to collaboration for social networks.

In addition, he rated the attitude of the “millionaire” as terriblea fact that was hard for him to believe due to his relaxed appearance, as well as the months that they had been talking by message.

The meeting was held in a club in Mexico City and was recorded on videowhere both are seen dancing and kissing, although Karely assured that she was never attracted to him.

He also confessed that Fofo Márquez abandoned her on the spot without paying the account, which amounted to 60 thousand pesos.

“Well, he’s a millionaire, he’s going to pay (…) not because I like men to pay me, I always pay, but he said he was going to pay for everything.”

Karely explained that she did not even want to buy a bottle, conditioning the purchase in exchange for a kiss.

Finally, she shared that the possible reason why Fofo left her in the club was the anger caused by seeing her talking and kissing with his other friendsbecause he presumed that he came with her.

It gave him courage because as he went with him but it was just collaboration.”

He concluded by stating that Fofo arrived without bodyguards and in a simple car.


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