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Karely Ruiz talks about her video with the most views: “Bailo como mensa”

The influencer and model Karen Ruiz has become in recent months one of the most popular social media personalitiesIn addition, she is one of the highest paid women on the OnlyFans exclusive content creation platform.

She has known how to capitalize on its beauty, that accompanied by her character, discipline, work and humility, place her in the digital center of fame with millions of followers.

However, Karely is aware of the content that he uploads to the networks, acknowledging that sometimes this can be banal, mainly that of TikTok, although it is also the one that generates the greatest reach, reaching more than 30 million users.

Karely Ruiz talks about her most viral video

Karely Ruiz was invited to the program ‘It’s Show’ of Channel 6, where was interviewed by the driver from Monterrey Ernesto Chavana; was questioned on personal aspects as well as work projects.

Among the questions that the presenter made, he highlighted one in relation to the number of views that its contents on platforms reach.

What is your most successful video Karely?

Before the question, the model said she did not know the data since there are many the videos that get great scopes and statisticshowever, indicated that it is through their TikTok account that they achieve greater performance, placing between 20 and 30 million of reproductions.

“I don’t know, many, well on TikTok they reach millions, 20 or 30 millionyes,” he replied.

The presenter reiterated his question now asking him to mention the video with the highest number of views that he would remember; The response was surprising because according to the model, her most viewed video reached 35 million views.

I go out dancing like a mensa but it reached 35 million“, answered.

The above was cataloged by Chavana as a act of humilityby recognizing the quality of the content you upload to networks.

That is Karely’s humility, despite her success she is groundedshe said: I go out dancing like a mensa”.

Karely Ruiz is already in dance classes

Although the influencer quickly interrupted and assured that he is already taking dance classesin order to remove all kinds of tools from their haters and leave them without reason for criticism.

“I already entered dance classes, everything has a solution in lifeI’m going to make him want “.

In addition, she indicated that if she continues to be criticized after learning to dance, it will be revealed that it is only sent.

“Now if I know how to dance and they throw me (I hate) it’s out of envy, because they throw me because I don’t know how to dance, Now that I learn let’s see what they tell me”.


I didn’t get out hahahaha #foryou #for you ????????

♬ Dame Tu Cosita – El Chombo

How many followers does Karely Ruiz have?

The model has more than 7 million followers on InstagramMeanwhile in TikTok has added 3 million and more than 30.7 million ‘likes’; lastly, in onlyfansthe most profitable platform for the influencer, has more than 4 thousand subscribers whom he charges 16 dollars a month.


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