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Karely Ruiz surprises her followers with a photo carrying a baby; this is behind

the model of OnlyFans Karely Ruiz appeared on her Instagram stories uploading what appears to be a baby in his arms surprising all his followers.

And it is that the same star of social networks wrote “my son“In the photo, surprising everyone since there was no news about any possible pregnancy or adoption process by the model.

However, on his TikTok account he soon showed that it was all a little joke that many believed, as he showed that the baby was not real, but a toy.

And it is that he uploaded some videos dancing, in which you can see that he carries the baby without care, and this one too it does not appear to weigh or move, proving that it was a fake baby.

I thought the baby was real” reads the comment of one of his followers.

And although it was relatively “clear” that the baby was a prop, there were still one or another user who wondered if it was real or not: “It’s a doll, right?“A user asks.

“ANDIs it real baby?”, “You look cute like mom”, “*Moment. Is the baby real?”, “I thought it was a real baby,” while another trending user pointed out that it was a joke: “it’s chill.”

Does Karely Ruiz already have children?

Until now, it is known that Karely Ruiz is not a mother. He has uploaded pictures with a girl; in fact, the photo posted on her Instagram is with her… and although some believe it is her daughter, it is her sister.

No girls, it’s my little sister, the youngest, I don’t have a baby, I’m 21 years old, I’m just a baby, how can I be a girl taking care of another girl? No, don’t believe me, I’m not a girl, but I can’t have children yet“He said in one of his Instagram stories.


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