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Karely Ruiz reveals that she was rejected to participate in ‘Acapulco Shore’

Acapulco Shore is one of the most popular realities on MTV and thanks to it personalities such as Manelyk González, Brenda Zambrano, Karime Pindter, among others Shortly after his new season begins, many wonder if at some point we will see Karely Ruiz in it.

And to talk about this doubt, Karely Ruiz was questioned in a live broadcast if she auditioned to join Acapulco Shore which will premiere its tenth season on September 27.

The OnlyFans star mentioned that she was not accepted on the show after casting for Acapulco Shore, a reality show that brings together several young people who do not hesitate to have fun in big parties or in meetings held in the house where they live for several days.

“No, they didn’t accept me at Acapulco Shore, but it doesn’t matter.”

Karely Ruiz commented that although she was not accepted in this MTV project that has been widely accepted by several young people, that does not affect her and she thinks that if she was rejected from the program It was because something better will come.

“I’m not going to get upset, more ching opportunities are coming…, things happen for a reason. I’ve always said that things don’t happen for a reason, they didn’t accept me for a reason, maybe something was going to happen on that show that I don’t know”.

Until now that Karely Ruiz released this information, it is not known if the producers of Acapulco Shore consider the model in the next season, but certainly many of the followers of the Monterrey native would be very happy to see her on the reality show.


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