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Karely Ruiz reveals details of her courtship with Pablo Cantú: “Trust me”

From his coexistence with the actor Andrés García last April, Karen Ruiz has not stopped attracting the attention of the media and social networks, because every aspect that the also model of onlyfans does or says It usually becomes news.

For example, from his interview that took place last week on the program it’s showof multimediathe internet celebrity revealed that she will star on the cover of an adult magazine and gave details of her romance with Pablo Cantú, her boyfriend.

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In the Multimedia program, when asked by the driver Ernest Chavana On why her boyfriend did not accompany her, Karely said: “He is at home.”

“When did you meet Pablo?” The television presenter questioned her.

3 months ago”, said the model.

Then, the driver joked: “It’s not that he wants to steal it… He has very pretty eyes, how handsome Pablo is,” to which she pointed out: “We are at the level.”

“Pablo is very kind,” added Chavana. And Karely added: “Yes, he is a very nice person”.

“What has he given Pablo the most?”, asked the driver.

“Nothing… flowers,” Karely said.

“Did you take it to Colombia?”

“No, well, I’m going to work.”

Chavana continued the interview: “Does he understand that you are working?”.

“Of course, why not? Trust me”, assured the model.

When in doubt as to whether she is jealous, she denied it. But when asked by Chavana if she ever had a toxic partner, she said, “More or less. Just like very possessive, no, but normal.”


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