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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Karely Ruiz “mocks” the lawsuit with Marcela Mistral; “What do you sell? What do you advertise?”

The content creator at OnlyFans, Karen Ruizonce again gives something to talk about, this time due to an old controversy with the influencer Marcela Mistral, that during a live broadcast he strongly questioned her about what she was doing on networks.

Now for the account MULTIMEDIA on TikTok, Karely made a little joke, in which they approached him to ask for a photograph; however, she denies not without first asking the questions “what do you sell?, what do you advertise?, are you an influencer?”. It should be noted that after this, Marcela said: “Because of people like you, I do not let my children enter the Internet.”


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And it is that these were precisely some of the questions that Marcela Mistral asked him during a broadcast of MULTIMEDIAin which he ultimately refused to comment as part of a contest, and even Poncho De Nigris laughed that it was because he “had more followers” than his wife.

In an interview for SNserious, Mistral stated that he was following a character, and that he was carried away by the “line” of the producers. Likewise, he announced that he would like an approach to be made outside of television.

After that I was very surprised at the reaction, at the circumstance out of everything, out of context. We covered it recently on our podcast, odd couples, and there has been a lot of hubbub. This girl became famous, she has a history of effort and work, circumstances that I did not know about her past. So, my respects,” Mistral clarified.

But recently, Karely herself attended the nightly program of MULTIMEDIA and assured that she would not accept an invitation from Marcela to her podcast, since she currently considers that she collaborates with “more…” people.

“Why do you hate me so much if I don’t even do anything to you? No comments, you don’t have to give importance to people,” Ruiz said.

Currently, Karely Ruiz is one of the most media figures, which has catapulted her to generate millionaire amounts of money through the OnlyFans platform.


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