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Kane Brown’s wife: all about Kellyanne Jay Brown and the pair’s beautiful family

Kane Brown's wife: all about Kellyanne Jay Brown and the pair's beautiful family

Everything to know about Kane Brown's wife, Katelyn Jae, and their beautiful family.

With over three years of marriage and two beautiful children, Kane Brown and his wife, Caitlin Jay, have become one of country music’s golden couples!

Kane Brown happily married to his wife, Caitlin J Brown, since October 2018. Kellyanne, born on June 19, 1992, and 28 years old has attended dozens of red carpet events with the country star. Kane released his debut album in 2016 and quickly rose to fame the following year by collaborating with Lauren Alaina On the track “What Ifs.” Their next single, “Paradise”, also quickly climbed the charts.

Since then, Kane has released several hits, and released his second album, experiment, in 2018, with an EP in 2020. He has won the ACM Award as well as various CMT Music Awards and American Music Awards. At the end of the day, though, Ken is also a family man, as he and Caitlin have started a beautiful family of their own. Learn more about the pair’s relationship, daughters and more below!

Ken Caitlin Brown
Kane and Kellyanne Brown at the ACM Awards. (Eric Jamieson/AP/Shutterstock)

What does Kane Brown’s wife do for a living?

Katelyn is actually in the music industry herself. When he was placed on a waiting list at the Berklee College of Music, he attended West Chester University for a year before dropping out. Katelyn began her career as a singer, and even landed a management deal. When she met Kane, she put her music career on hold to go on tour with the country superstar. Caitlin then applied for The Berklee College of Music’s online music business graduate program. She graduated in 2019.

Now, Katelyn’s degree is able to help her husband in his career. “I started to realize that the things I was learning in school were the same things I was doing in real life,” Caitlin explained, “So if Ken came home and he had a question, I would often be like, ‘You know you don’t have to do this right? They’re just telling you you have to do it. You’re the artist, whatever you do You can do it if you want. I think sometimes in the commercial side of the industry, they look at artists like, ‘They rely on us to run everything, so we’ll just tell them what we think is the best option.

Since graduating, Katelyn has been weighing her options for the future. “I fell in love with the business side and my husband and I’ve talked a lot about starting my own label or publishing company,” she revealed. “But then I also have this extreme creative side that loves to write, that loves to sing.” In 2021, Ken actually created his own label, 1021 Entertainment.

In 2022, Kane and Caitlin will also release their alan rose Wine Brand. Caitlin announced the project in March 2022, explaining that Alan Rose is a combination of both her and Ken’s middle names. “Family and friends matter the most in our lives and having a family where sitting around the table with a glass of wine brought up some great memories and beautiful conversation really made me want to continue those traditions with something more special. encouraged to make delicious.” He said, Wines are now available for preorder.

Ken Caitlin Brown
Kane and Kellyanne Brown kiss at the CMT Awards. (Frederick Breeden/PictureGroup/Shutterstock)

How did Kane Brown meet his wife?

Ken and Caitlin first met in 2015, when they were introduced through a mutual work acquaintance. “She came to one of my shows and the first time I saw her, it was such a shy affair,” Ken recalled in a 2017 interview. Taste of Country Nights, “I didn’t know what was going to happen. She lived in Orlando and I in Miami. Luckily, Ken made a move that changed her life.” I messaged her on Instagram the next night and said, ‘Hey , When are we going to visit?’ And blew it out,” she revealed. “And she hasn’t gone since.”

In another interview, he elaborated on the first meeting. Kane revealed that the two were actually supposed to meet a year ago through their mutual acquaintance, but that didn’t work out. ,[It was my] The first show ever, I believe it was 2015,” shared Kane. “The day before the show, I was supposed to be in her music video, because she was also a performer, but that couldn’t happen because my show was a music video on the same day. So a year goes by and the guy we work with were doing, that’s what brings him to a show.” Kane said that he “didn’t talk” to Caitlin that night, other than saying “hey”, but added that he had been watching her “all night” and thought she was “adorable.” When he messaged her the next day, he asked her to come to Nashville, and the rest is history!

Ken officially went on social media with Caitlin facebook post In early 2017, when his career was just starting. He wrote, “I know a lot has been happening for me in the past year, but it has been difficult for me to be away from my family and friends.” “Luckily, I found my other half. I know a lot of people can be crazy I’m in a relationship but if you’re a true fan you won’t. She makes me smart, she makes me happy, she’s my girl.”

Ken Caitlin Brown
Kane and Kellyanne Brown at the 2019 ACM Awards. (broadimage/shutterstock)

Ken and Caitlin’s wedding

Ken proposed to Caitlin over Easter in April 2017. Ken revealed people That he had initially planned a proposal with “rose petals and everything like that”. However, he “just couldn’t wait,” and kept popping questions as they watched the Amityville Horror, Not exactly romantic, but it got the job done!

Ken and Caitlin tied the knot on October 12, 2018 outside Nashville. They married in a ceremony outside Nashville in the presence of about 200 people. “We decided to exchange letters to each other earlier in the day to keep the actual vows a little more traditional,” the couple explained. people, “We wanted something here in Nashville and loved the idea of ​​keeping it home and not traveling because we’re on the road. It’s not very rural, but it has a lot of elements of nature — a huge lake, rolling hills, trees . It’s so beautiful out there.”

How many children does Kane Brown have?

Ken and Caitlin are proud parents of two children. In April 2019, just six months after their marriage, they revealed that they were expecting their first child. On the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards in May 2019, Kane revealed that the baby was a girl. Caitlin gave birth Kingsley Rose Brown in October 2019. In December 2022, Ken and Caitlin shocked fans when they revealed that they had secretly welcomed a second baby girl, cody zanethat month too.

About why she kept the pregnancy a secret, Kelly explained, “These past nine months have been very sacred and special for me. Choosing to keep my pregnancy quiet was the best decision I’ve ever made. Social media and Soaking in special moments with her daughter and husband without the influence of the outside world made this bar more intimate and unforgettable.

Before having Cody, Kane was even open about “wanting a boy,” but for now, he and Caitlin are set with their two girls. “You already know what you’re doing with the first one, so you’re just repeating yourself [with two], Ken said At the 2022 ACM Awards. “I wouldn’t say go for three, though. For now… we just had him, so right now, we’re like… no. Not any time soon.”

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