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Justin Timberlake shares advice for raising his two kids

Justin Timberlake’s kids are keeping him young! during Tuesday’s appearance The Ellen DeGeneres ShowThe 41-year-old musician opened up about fatherhood.

“Having kids, I feel like you can see the world through their eyes again,” the singer, who shares 21-month-old Silas, and 21-month-old Phineas, with wife Jessica Biel, said. During a round of “Burning Questions”.

After admitting during the game that he thought he must have grown out of “being childish” candy The actor shares some words of wisdom he has gained about parenting.

“I got really good advice from someone the other day who said, ‘Keep your kids young for as long as possible because that’s what keeps you–. Don’t let them grow up too fast,'” singer “Can’t Stop the Feeling” he said.

Timberlake and Biel’s kids have certainly been keeping them busy. during his last visit The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Biel gives an update about him and Timberlake’s boys. “Both of our boys never stop. I mean, it’s constant,” she told DeGeneres during the Mother’s Day show. “It’s, like, running and jumping over everything and climbing over everything.”

Biel shared that like their father, the boys are into music – but have very different tastes. Beale said that Silas is in the orchestra, symphony and movie score – with a side of EDM. Phineas, however, is all about getting out with the guitar or making drums to any surface.

“That won’t put these devices down,” she said.

Justin Timberlake and Silas
Stephen Matzke – SAMPIX/GC Images

Silas and Phineas aren’t just killing it in the music department. According to their mother, boys are great at gifts. Last week, the actress spoke to ET about the creative gifts she got from her kids for Mother’s Day.

“My kids made me the cutest T-shirt that says, ‘Best Mom is Life,’ which means you know they wrote it,” Biel told ET.

“And then a canvas bag with handprints and footprints. It was lovely,” she said. “And then I quit and did my job for a few hours—which was the best thing.” You know you just need a little break, because when you come back, you’re better for everyone.”

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