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Justin Bieber, Drake and Travis Scott’s accounts hacked

Artists cannot get away from the fact that, from time to time, some of their personal and artistic accounts on social networks are affected by the activities of hackers. This Tuesday, a slew of artists including Justin Bieber and rappers Travis Scott and Drake discovered that their YouTube accounts had been hacked.

Instead, the hackers posted videos of a Spanish scammer, Paco Sanz, who was convicted of fraud several months ago. In the YouTube accounts of Bieber, Travis and Drake you could see a material in a satirical tone that they said Free Paco Sanz (Free Paco Sanz .),

The Spaniard is accused of a series of frauds Committed between 2010 and 2017

Daddy Yankee.  The artist found his YouTube account hacked with images of a Spanish scammer.  Photo: AP

Daddy Yankee. The artist found his YouTube account hacked with images of a Spanish scammer. Photo: AP

But the matter did not stop here. Several hours later, video clips referring to the scammers were also played on other official channels by other artists such as Eminem, The Weeknd, Daddy Yankee. Some lasted just a few minutes and have already disappeared.

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For his part, Travis Scott’s YouTube channel already had problems, several months earlier, due to another condition and not working since the tragedy at the Astroworld festival in Texas last November, when one of the artist’s musicals. There was a human avalanche during the event. Eight killed and dozens injured.

Other hacked accounts, however, are very active and with current content, such as Daddy Yankee (with 36 million followers), which he has just introduced as his farewell album to music. did, legenddaddy,

The character invading these artist’s accounts is Francisco José Sainz, known as Paco Sainz, a man who works as a security in Valencia and is 51 years old. Suffering from Cowden syndrome, since 2009, Sanz publicly denounced his health problem for not having medical coverage.

This syndrome is characterized by the presence of benign tumors but without the risk of death. However, Sanz has appeared on several Spanish television shows giving details about the rare disease he is suffering from.

As a result of one of those interviews, where, at all events where he was a guest, Sanz asked for donations and even opened a web page assuring that his illness was “very serious” and that his symptoms Introduced exaggeratedly.

But not only that. The scammers also founded the NGO Paco Sainz Association for Cowden Syndrome Research in Spain to finance an alleged treatment to be performed in the United States.

With this tactic, since 2010, he has duped 350,000 euros, including public figures such as Santiago Segura, Dani Mateo, Jose Mota or Carlos Herrera. But in 2017, he was arrested along with his parents and his former partner, Lucia Carmona, who owned a bank account.

Thus, the scam came to light, as Sanz allegedly spent money on luxury trips and high-end cars, among other things.

Although he spent twelve days in prison in 2018, he only received his final sentence in 2021, when Madrid’s provincial court sentenced him to two years in prison and awarded 37,000 euros in compensation to the victims.


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