Home Entertainment Justice removed the legal muzzle from Julieta Prandi

Justice removed the legal muzzle from Julieta Prandi

Justice removed the legal muzzle from Julieta Prandi

The legal battle that goes on Juliet Prandi Against her ex-husband and father of her children Claudio Contardi, had new news this Monday. Is that Justice determined to remove him in legal muzzle that the model had and that it prevented him from referring to the subject.

“There are very important developments in the case of Julieta Prandi that have to do with freedom of expression”, advertisement Carlos Monti in Us in the morning (El Trece, Monday through Friday at 9 a.m.) before reading the resolution signed by Dr. Marcela Silvia Rama, the new judge who took up the case.

“This is good news for Julieta Prandi and bad for Claudio Contardi”said the journalist, today in the role of driver replacing Pollo Álvarez.

Julieta Prandi No Longer Has The Legal Muzzle And Can Discuss The Trial With Her Ex-Husband.

Julieta Prandi no longer has the legal muzzle and can discuss the trial with her ex-husband.

“I resolve to reject the measure attempted by Mr. Contardi with respect to ordering the cessation of the public exposition of Ms. Prandi for involving violation of freedom of expression and prior censorship. For being a violation of the rights of constitutional roots, “says the ruling at the beginning.

“Two: impose the costs to the applicant in his condition of expired, letting it be known that fees will be regulated once this document is signed, “added the driver.

“Remember that she had a legal muzzle and could not speak. In fact, the previous judge had fined her several times for having spoken in the media about the situation of her ex-husband and her children. Now Dr. Rama said that this has to do with it. with freedom of the press, Juliet has every right to speak, He lifts that legal muzzle and on top of that, Contardi has to pay the costs, “Monti explained.

Emanuel Ortega And Julieta Prandi.  Instagram.

Emanuel Ortega and Julieta Prandi. Instagram.

At the same time, the situation of Prandi was compared with that of the journalist Sebastian Domenech who a few days ago said that he has not been able to see his children for 6 years, however, the judge determined that she cannot discuss the matter neither in the media nor on social media.

In that sense, Sol Pérez said: “The line is very thin. You have to see when a person is telling their story or when it can harm minors, which is what is attempted with this type of measure. If there is no harm of any kind to minors, whose rights must be protected, each one has the opportunity to tell their story. “

Prandi And Claudio Contardi, Her Ex-Husband And Father Of Her Children.

Prandi and Claudio Contardi, her ex-husband and father of her children.

“In Julieta’s case, she has said it: if she had not had the possibility of accessing the media to tell this, I could have been one more victim of gender violence “, highlighted the journalist Nancy Duré.

The model denounced Contardi for gender violence in Justice and she fights every day to protect her children.

Last week, Julieta had a judicial setback since the judge had intimidated her into encourage contact and re-bonding of their children with their father since, if not, the possession could be taken away. The truth is that two days ago, that same Judge he was removed from the case.

Christmas with the Ortega family

In the middle of the legal conflict with his ex, Prandi had a moment of peace: she celebrated Christmas with her boyfriend Emanuel Ortega and all his family. Dante Ortega shared a story on his Instagram account, in which the model is seen very happy with her partner, with Palito Ortega and Evangelina salazar.


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