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“Jungle Cruise” conquers the box office


Good response to cinemas despite coronavirus

LOS ANGELES (EFE) .— “Jungle Cruise”, the Disney film directed by the Spanish Jaume Collet-Serra, exceeded expectations in its premiere in the United States despite the fear that the public would stop going to theaters because of the rebound in coronavirus cases due to the delta variant.

The film, starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, grossed $ 34.2 million and prevailed in first position above all forecasts, which estimated that it would achieve 25 to 30 million in North America (which includes the United States and Canada).

“Jungle Cruise”, which has the Spanish Quim Gutiérrez and Dani Rovira in its cast, did not stand out in the international market, since it only raised 27.6 million dollars to which must be added another 30 million derived from the Disney + television platform.

However, the results show that theaters are still not working at full capacity and leave a bittersweet taste for the latest Disney installment, whose plot based on a Disneyland attraction hopes to start a franchise similar to “Pirates Of The Caribbean.”

In second place was the horror film “The Green Knight,” signed by independent studio A24 and starring Dev Patel (“Slumdog Millionaire”), which grossed 6.78 million in the United States, according to data from Box Office Mojo.

For its part, “Old”, starring the Mexican Gael García Bernal, fell to third place with 6.76 million after debuting in the first place the previous week.

The fourth rung went to “Black Widow,” which three weeks ago marked the best premiere in the United States since 2019 with $ 80 million, and in its fourth week it added 6.4 million.

Finally “Stillwater”, which debuted this weekend, settled for fifth place and $ 5.1 million raised.

“Jungle Cruise” is expected to retain No. 1 at the box office this weekend and increase its revenue outside of the US.

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In controversy

The Marvel film, “Black Widow”, has returned to the headlines after its protagonist, Scarlett Johansson, sued Disney for its simultaneous premiere in cinemas and television with which, allegedly, he did not fulfill the contract with the actress, whose income depended on profits in cinemas. There are also rumors that Emma Stone would do the same for the premiere of “Cruella” in “streaming”.