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Julius Jones: 5 things to know about death row inmate Kim Kardashian is trying to break free

Julius Jones

As Oklahoma prepares to execute Julius Jones, the man convicted of murdering businessman Paul Howell, Kim Kardashian continues to fight to save his life. Here is what we know.

“I want to give you all an update on Julius Jones“tweeted Kim kardashian Tuesday (November 16), two days before Jones’s scheduled performance date. Julius, 40, was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1999 murder of a businessman Paul Howell, a crime Jones said he did not commit. Kim, 41, was one of many fights to save him from death row, and she told supporters they “all look forward to a governor’s decision. [Kevin] Stitt. “

“He can choose to accept the recommendation (for a second time) of the parole board, to grant Julius Clemency / Life w. the possibility of parole or have him executed Thursday 18, ”Kim tweeted. “Julius, his family and everyone on his team are still hopeful that Stitt will do the right thing. Today, Julius’ family and close friends received invitations to his execution. I can’t even imagine what they must all be feeling right now.

Kim, who drew the country’s attention to Julius case in march, detailed “what the execution process looks like in Oklahoma”. After reviewing the details, Kim concluded that “At 9:00 p.m. the day before his execution, #JuliusJones’ phone privileges will be terminated and he will receive his last meal. He will be checked every 15 minutes for the last four hours of his life. Then he will be put to death … In a little more than two [days], an innocent person could be put to death. My heart breaks for Julius and for so many others who have suffered from such a tragic miscarriage of justice. “

Here are five things you need to know about Julius’ case and Kim’s support.

Julius was a 19-year-old college student when the murder took place.

He was attending the University of Oklahoma and was on the verge of getting a basketball scholarship when he became the prime suspect in the Howell shooting, according to OR Daily. He was arrested in August 1999 and then convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death in 2002, when he was only 22 years old. Since then, he has been in prison and continues to proclaim his innocence while awaiting his fate.

Why is Julius on death row?

Before Julius was arrested and charged, Howell was shot dead in his 1997 GMC Suburban in Edmond, OK, less than 20 miles from Julius’ home. Powell’s sister described the shooter as “a black man wearing a stocking cap” with “half an inch of hair hanging down”, Julius’ lawyer Dale baich Recount OR Daily. Three suspects were questioned and their statements led Edmond’s police to track down Julius and his high school basketball teammate. Christophe jordan like the alleged carjackers who murdered Powell.

Julius Jones
Julius Jones has been in prison since his conviction in 2002. (Oklahoma State Penitentiary / MEGA)

Although there was a lack of evidence to directly link Julius to the murder, he was still sentenced to death and 40 years in prison. He was the state’s key witness against him and his lawyer said he was the target of “self-proclaimed car thugs and a gang member.”

“We have serious concerns about the way the evidence has been collected, processed and stored,” Baich said.

What happened to Julius’ co-accused, Christopher Jordan?

Christopher was supposed to spend 30 years in prison in return for his testimony after a deal was struck, but he ended up freeing himself after serving only half that time, according to JusticeForJuliusJones.com. “In this and many other ways, Mr. Jones’ rights under state and federal constitutions have been violated, and his conviction and death sentence should be overturned,” read website.

Christopher also admitted to killing Howell and leaving Julius to bear the blame while in prison, according to an inmate named Roderick Wesley, who served in an Arkansas jail with Christopher, The border reported. Roderick has sent a series of letters and video interviews about the admission to Julius’ lawyers, who are trying to free Julius or at least get him off death row.

When did Kim Kardashian get involved in the Julius affair?

Kim first mentioned Julius’ case and petition for his release on Twitter in 2019. A year later, in November 2020, she visited Julius at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. She took to Instagram for to share photos of the visit to Oklahoma and let her supporters know that in addition to seeing Julius, she spoke with her mother, Madeline, and his family at a Baptist church on the same day.

“I was honored to sit with Julius Jones on death row in Oklahoma last week and then spend time in church with his family,” she wrote in the caption of the photos . “Julius has been in jail for over 21 years for a crime he did not commit. The [effects] that this has had on his family is truly unimaginable, and I pray that the parole board recommends its commutation because this man needs to be able to hug his parents again. #JusticeForJulius ”

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian started tweeting about Julius Jones’ case in 2019 (SplashNews)

“The last time Julius’ parents hugged him was when he was 19. It was 21 years ago,” she continued. “Julius Jones’ mom @ madelinejones48 should be able to hug her son. She is so strong, and her faith and strength are so inspiring. We will not give up the fight to free Julius Jones!

“Julius burst into tears talking about his sister Antoinette @sassysoulinc, he promised her he would take her to prom, and due to a wrongful conviction he couldn’t take her! she added. “We have to get him out and plan the best prom ever !!! I am so grateful for Julius Jones’ most supportive freedom fighters. We won’t stop until justice is done. rendered.

What did Julius do to try to get clemency?

Julius asked for pardon in October 2019 after trying all options to fight the death penalty. “As God is my witness, I was not in any way involved in the crimes which led to Paul Howell being shot,” said his grace report, which was reported by OR Daily. “I have spent the last 20 years on death row for a crime that I did not commit, that I did not witness and that I did not commit. “

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