Home Entertainment Julión Álvarez trusts that he will be found innocent for money laundering

Julión Álvarez trusts that he will be found innocent for money laundering

Julión Álvarez trusts that he will be found innocent for money laundering

The singer Julion Alvarez trusts that you’ll be discovered harmless of the crime of cash laundering, against the law of which he was accused in 2017 by the United States Division of the Treasury.

The artist assured that every part has been a mistake and hopes that justice is on his facet.

“I have commented on it two or three times, all this pointing out is not because they say that you know or get along with such, rather were transactions from one account to another; my case was due to a subdivision that I developed, it turns out that the land had a history: the partner of a real estate agency was the one involved, and that’s how the chain continued … when the pennies arrive in my accounts, the problem came up, “he commented at a press convention.

What’s extra assured that all through his profession The whole lot has been authorized and he’s assured that the authorities will understand that he’s not liable for what he’s accused of.

We’ve a 15-year profession, I’ve been registered for tax functions since 2009: I had an audit from 2013 to 2017; all authorized, I’ve religion, I hope it is going to quickly have a positive consequence. I am nonetheless ready and dealing ”.

He’s additionally trying to clarify the entire challenge in a transparent manner so that individuals perceive his state of affairs, as a result of he is aware of that the difficulty is difficult and that he’s not the primary individual to have one thing like this occur.

“I know many entrepreneurs and established businesses that have gone through the same thing: they have income and suddenly they enter OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control); that’s why it is necessary to investigate who the customers are, same with partners. Besides being an investor, you have to be a researcher so as not to easily get involved in something crooked. “

Secondly, Julión stays centered on his profession and can return to work on September 24 in Guadalajara, to later return to the shows in several components of Mexico.

Reference from PrimeraFila – La Noticia