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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Julión Álvarez makes a confession of Juan Gabriel (VIDEO)

  • The Mexican responded about the rumors
  • Was Juan Gabriel in love with Julion?
  • So they worked together shortly before his death

Six years after the death of Juan Gabriel, the details and secrets surrounding the life of “Divo de Juárez” continue to be discussed, it is even said that the Mexican singer faked his death and is alive, far from the world of fame and music. But recently “unexpected” information about Julión Álvarez and “Juanga” came out.

In Mexican entertainment programs it has been commented that the “divo de Juárez” died in love with Julión Álvarez, according to Agencia El Universal. ‘Juanga’ and Julión worked together in 2015, months before the death of the interpreter of “Eternal Love”.

They worked “very closely” before the death of “Divo de Juárez”

They worked 'very closely' in recent years

The Mexicans recorded the video for the song “La Frontera” together, in which both had a lot of fun singing, joking and doing their best dance steps. The video has accumulated more than 640 thousand likes and 182 million views on YouTube.

At the time, Julión confessed that having been considered by Juan Gabriel to sing together on his album of duets had been a source of pride and a dream come true, since he grew up listening to his music, according to what was published by Agencia El Universal.

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